On the 30th of July, the celebration event of the 20th Anniversary of the Regional Development Agency of Marche region, Sviluppo Marche SRL (SVIM), took place. EURADA’s President, Roberta Dall’Olio, was kindly invited to attend the event and granted SVIM with the EURADA Awards diploma recognising them as Best Development Agency of 2019 for their tool InnoVoucher.

SVIM (Sviluppo Marche Srl) is the development agency of the Marche Region, Italy, established in 1999. They contribute to the development of the economy of the Marche region by supporting the activity of the Public Administration with close collaboration with the economic forces operating in it. Also, by the development of local, European and international projects with the aim of supporting youth employment and generational turnover promotion, as well as regional planning guidelines.

One of the things they have been focusing on since 2010 is innovation vouchers. It is also since then that they are implementing the tool Transnational Innovation Voucher Scheme (InnoVoucher), the tool for which they have been awarded. 

This scheme seeks the boosting of innovation, repositioning, encouraging of processes of development and entrepreneurial spirit among several MSMEs in the Marche region and from different sectors. What is interesting of this innovation voucher scheme is that the whole innovation voucher system was renewed and the labelling process, which defines a specific model of innovation voucher scheme supporting the transnational exchange of innovation services in Europe.  

The InnoVoucher model is a collaborative framework across the EU. Its main elements are the definition of the real regional needs and the providing of a catalogue of services, the accreditation principle for the service providers’ needs, and the mutual recognition principle for vouchers making possible interregional cooperation. A call for vouchers was organised within this framework, offering MSMEs and Start-ups the possibility of exploring business opportunities or solve a small-scale innovation-related problem, acquiring knowledge and coaching services by registered Knowledge Providers.  

This voucher funding process is the core element of the Scheme. Their innovation voucher call offers SMEs and Start-ups working in the chosen sectors the possibility to explore business opportunities or to solve innovation-related problems. SVIM provides them with the know-how and the coaching services thanks to the registered Knowledge Provider, helping the company to develop its innovation project.   

Within the InnoVoucher framework, and through the call 4helix+ Call for Innovation Vouchers, 480,000 euros were allocated to 48 SMEs with special attention to the blue growth sector. 6 projects were selected in each pilot region, so they allocated a total of 48 innovation vouchers of 10,000 euros. The possibility of labelling this InnoVoucher by the European Commission meant the adoption of the scheme and methodology in a European scope, by all regions and enterprises, which has a wide impact. 

The deliberation for the awarded agencies and tools in EURADA Awards regarded 3 main characteristics: its innovative potential, its impact and its transferability potential. SVIM presented with InnoVoucher an innovative approach in the voucher scheme broadly used, showed how many enterprises got a voucher allocated of how much, and the tool is transferable because most voucher scheme programmes in the EU are not cross-collaborative, which is door-opening.  

EURADA congratulates the 20 years of action of SVIM and the recognition of their innovative and successful initiative InnoVoucher. We also invite you to have a look to the EURADA Awards page to find out more about SVIM and the other three awarded agencies in 2019: FUNDECYT-PCTEX, Oost-NL and InnovationQuarter.