Today EURADA took part on the act of commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the Murcia Region EU Delegation, created by the regional development agency INFO Murcia.

Karl-Heinz Lambert, President of the Commitee of Regions: “30 years of presence of the Region of Murcia is a long history comparable with the the whole history of the European Union. We are facing challenges and the presence of 280 regional offices is contributing to make a Europe better engaged with the citizens and more diverse. On 14-15 March we have organised a summit of European cities and regions in Bucarest. We will as well celebrate the 25 years of the creation of the Committee of the Regions.”

Commissioner Arias-Cañete pointed out the relevant role of the regional offices in the communication of EU initiatives to the citizens. At this event were also present the ambassador of the Spanish REOER, vice-President Valcárcel and the President Lopez-Miras of the Region of Murcia.