The Startup Heatmap Europe team is offering a unique online training-learning experience for everyone working with their local startup community, who wants to increase their knowledge of ecosystem concepts and connect with international peers.

The European Startup Initiative developed a program for people and organizations with the mission to build startup ecosystems or participate in their functioning. This online training course starts 30Th September 2019 and is composed by 3 weeks of online learning, 3 Skype session with expert and 2 days of seminar in Munich (17th and 18th of October) and it cost 750€, excl. VAT.

The program consists of three parts:

  1. Weekly online modules provide the basic knowledge, practical tasks and literature references, and the opportunity to explore the subject in greater depth.
  • The Startup Phenomenon;
  • Understanding ecosystem and how to grow them: concepts of Startup Ecosystem and Community Design; and Metrics for Startup Ecosystems;
  • The flow of and competition for international tech talent.
  1. Weekly online conferences with leading experts from the startup environment. In the batch September/October 2019 the following experts will be invited. Participants can also ask questions directly.
  • Sebastian Diaz Mesa – CEO Start-Up Chile, Chile;
  • Val Livada – MIT/Boston Startup Ecosystem, USA;
  • Thomas Kösters – Microsoft Ventures, EIT Digital, Italy;
  • Igor Oliveira – Executive Partner Semente Negocios, Brazil;
  • Dr. Serghei Glinca – Co-Founder & CEO CrystalsFirst, Germany.
  1. A workshop in Munich – 17th and 18th October – in cooperation with IHK München & Oberbayern.
  • Project work with the Startup City Canvas (© European Startup Initiative);
  • Model for matchmaking of startups and corporates;
  • Development of strategies for the implementation or improvement of your own project based on revised content;
  • Development of metrics for the monitoring of the own startup ecosystem and the own project.

For further information you can visit the website and/or contact the head of the program Serghei Glinca and arrange a short call.