Version 1

EURADA is the unique European club of economic developers able to bridge local and regional development agencies with Europe and its opportunities. We gather economic development practitioners of 77 entities from 23 countries representing 140 million citizens Europe-wide.

Version 2

EURADA is the European Association of Development Agencies embracing 77 entities, mostly regional development agencies, operating in the European Union as well as outside. We support our members in designing and implementing better policies to foster economic development among 23 countries territories to improve the wellbeing of 140 million citizens. Furthermore, we make it possible for our members to better cooperate among each other as well as reach out to European institutions.

Version 3

Founded in 1992, the European Association of Development Agencies (EURADA) gathers professionals working on economic development across Europe. Through our large network of 77 members in 23 countries of the EU and beyond regional development agencies (RDAs) and their economic development practitioners can network, cooperate, advocate and participate at a European Union wide level. For the RDA, which is a designated meeting place and support for economic actors, EURADA serves as international well-established facility to connect local and regional development agencies with Europe and its opportunities.        

EURADA provides four main services to its members:      

  • RDAs can easily access to and exchange with EU institutions and bodies, mainly European Commission and European Committee of the Regions, and with organisations beyond the EU;      
  • RDAs can profit from the Brussels-based EURADA secretariat to successfully prepare and execute EU projects through our experienced staff, networks and insights into the EU institutions. Figures show that between 2011 and 2019 we helped members and partners to obtain 51 ML EURO of EU grants.
  • RDAs can co-organise and their staff partake as speakers in our European high-level events also at the EURADA premises ensuring you recognition among our networks i.e. 77+ RDAs in 23 countries and with EU institutions;
  • RDAs can benefit from training opportunities on EU policies and programmes; e.g. the Brussels-based EURADA secretariat can host and further professionalise junior and senior RDAs’ staff.

Furthermore, EURADA established 3 working groups open for both members and non-members on – Industry 4.0, – Social Innovation and – Sustainable Finance in order to gather expertise on these topics considered of primary relevance to make communities economically robust and socially cohesive.              

Also, aiming to celebrate and recognise innovative and best practices in regional development, EURADA has been organising their once in a year award since 2015. Both members and non-members can apply. Awards will be granted during Agorada2020, the General Assembly of the EURADA (21st April 2020, Brussels) and the awarded development agencies will be invited to make a presentation.