The Executive Committee acts as a decision-making body charged with the application of the Board of Directors general orientation decisions. You can find here the list of our Executive Committee members.

  • Roberta Dall’Olio President of EURADA
    Roberta Dall’Olio is head of ART-ER EU Policies, International and Territorial Cooperation, Social Inclusion Unit and member of ART-ER management working group. She oversees ART-ER technical assistance for the Regional Government in International Cooperation and ETC programming, capitalization, and evaluation. She is member of the internal -General Directions working groups on international relations, cooperation for development and territorial cooperation. She coordinates the Technical Assistance to the Adrion Programme Joint Secretariat and of the MED National Contact Point. She coordinates the Creative Information Desk of Emilia-Romagna Region, she ‘s Director of Europafacile web site on EU policies and Programmes and Eurolettera newsletter on EU Policies.
    She is trainer on EU and local development policies and has extensive work experience at international level (eg. Croatia, Serbia, Turkey, Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil). She is journalist and director of ART-ER online newsletter on EU Policies.
  • Rui Barroso

    Rui Barroso is ADRAL’s (Alentejo Regional Development Agency) Executive Director and responsible for the technical strategy and support on ICT projects in Alentejo. He holds a degree in BsC Computer Science (1999) from the Universidade Técnica de Lisboa – Instituto Superior Técnico. He has been working in Alentejo since 2004 with a focus on ICT infrastructures and services to promote regional development. As major projects supporting the regional development the shared services Data Centre (shared Data Centre for 14 Municipalities) and the RCDE – Alentejo Central Broadband Fibre Network with 640km fibre connecting 14 municipalities. Rui has participated in several conferences regarding the technical and strategic experience developed at the Évora County Digital Project, including several case studies and one internet live web cast.

  • Rafael Escamilla
    Rafael Escamilla is the head of the Area of European Programs and Competitiveness at IVACE and is in the management of the Area of European Programmes and Services at IVACE (Valencia Institute for Business Competitiveness of the Generalitat Valenciana). His role is to develop policies for promoting innovation of the Valencian Government in the field of small and medium enterprises in the framework of EU Initiatives in which IVACE has programs helping SMEs in the fields of Technology, R&D, Design, Quality and environment, Organization and Management, Training and Business, and Cooperation.
  • Henri Janssens
    Henri Janssens received his MA-degree in Urban Planning at the University of Nijmegen in 1988 and has worked in the field of regional economic development since 1989. Right from the start of Oost NV in 2003, his assignment has been to initiate the colleagues in the fine art of EU-funding and EU-networks. This mission has succeeded. Oost NV has used quite some EU-funding and -networks as means to deepen the impact of her work and involve companies in international value chains. In the current and previous EU-programming period Oost NV have been involved as a leader or partner in 22 EU-projects that received a volume of M€ 71,2 worth of EU-funding. These projects are mainly aimed at the formation of international consortia of SMEs for the joint development of new products. Henri’s main focus has been on EU-programmes such as FP6, FP7, Horizon 2020 and Interreg. Within Oost NV he is the coordinator of the Vanguard Initiative:
  • Carmen Sillero
    Carmen Sillero is the Head of International Programmes at the Agency of Innovation and Development of Andalusia (Agencia IDEA). She’s responsible for the international activities of the Agency, she manages territorial cooperation programmes funded by the European Union among the European regions. She also manages the foresight of international opportunities to better connect andalusian economic agents in the global market.
  • Antti Toivanen
    Antti Toivanen has a background in economics (Master of Economics and eMBA) and economic development with over 20 years experience in regional development and regional development intermediaries at national and EU levels. He has extensive experience in representational and leadership positions, including: 16 years member of the City council of Kajaani and most of the time in the board of the City of Kajaani; since 2000, Managing Director of Kainuun Etu Oy regional development company (company that has received a volume of over 60 M€ worth of EU-funding,; since 2007 Fund officer of the Finnish Cultural Foundation and presenting also last two years regions in the national board (1,62 Billion € Fund). The Finnish Cultural Foundation is a private foundation dedicated to promoting art, science, and other fields of intellectual and cultural endeavor in Finland, since 2007 member of the executive committee of EURADA. Since 2016, he is Honorary Consul of Austria.