Esteban Pelayo
Esteban PelayoDirector
Esteban Pelayo joined EURADA in 2015 as director. Before he has worked in the EU office of the Region of Murcia in Brussels (2011-2015) and in the Regional Development Agency of Murcia (2000-2011) where he coordinated the network of technology centers of the Regional Development Agency. He started his professional career in the Innovation Relay Center Network helping companies to establish transnational technology transfer agreements (IPR licensing) in the University of Alicante (1996-2000).
Tessa Anné
Tessa AnnéManager
After obtaining her Masters degree in Linguistics and Literature, Tessa worked for various public and private companies in their communication and marketing departments. She joined EURADA in 2007 to strengthen the communication activities of the association and to provide assistance in the administrative implementation of projects. During these years she has participated in and has been responsible for engaging stakeholders, organisation of events for best practice exchanges and awareness raising of EU funded projects.
Currently Tessa oversees the Interreg Europe Social SEEDS project and the Erasmus+ IN4WOOD project. She contributes to the daily management of the EURADA offices and deals with aspects related to administration, finance and HR.
Tommaso Galli
Tommaso GalliHead of EU Projects
After obtaining a master’s degree in political science studying in Vienna, Budapest, Minsk and Paris, Tommaso completed a traineeship programme at the Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs and at the European Commission – DG HOME. He also worked as project manager for German and Italian NGOs in the frame of the Erasmus+ programme with both programme und partner countries’ stakeholders. Tommaso joined EURADA in 2017 as policy officer responsible for Interreg Europe and Horizon2020 projects.
Alexandre Arcos
Alexandre ArcosCommunication & Project Officer
Alex studied Economics at the University of Valencia and at the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, and specialized in Development Economics and the Economic History of China between the 80s and the early 2000s. Because of his background and interests he is in charge of the ReConfirm initiative of the European Commission to support the establishment of interregional investment projects, and elaborates position papers. Moreover, he is responsible for the communication department of EURADA and its website. Currently he is working on the Homeland Security Conference (Denmark) and AGORADA+ (Finland), two events in which EURADA will be involved.
Giacomo Frisanco
Giacomo FrisancoCommunication & Policy Officer
Giacomo has a solid background in International Relations, with a Master Degree majoring in Russian foreign politics at the Almamater Studiorum University of Bologna. Giacomo firstly worked for the Italian public administration in the Department for Youth Policy, where he became passionate about communication and social media, and then for the European Commission in DG GROW where he was taking responsibility of the European Portal Your Europe. He joined EURADA in March 2019 to strengthen the communication activities of the association. Moreover, Giacomo`s main tasks include taking care of the Interreg Europe project SOCIAL SEEDS, EMEN project, the dynamization of the social innovation working group and he is also in charge of the services provided to the Italian members of EURADA.
Estefanía López
Estefanía LópezProject Officer
After graduating in Law and specializing in Judicial studies in Spain, Estefanía started in EURADA in June 2019. She is in charge of preparing new proposals and helping the Association with the issues related with them. She handles the preparation and management of tenders and funding opportunities interesting for our members.
Estefanía proofreads and validates our members’ applications and provides them with recommendations on how to improve them and obtain funding. Finally, she represents EURADA’s members at events and conferences and drafts reports informing them of new opportunities.
Roser Torres Moscad
Roser Torres MoscadProject Officer
Roser has a degree in Translation and Cultural Mediation. After one year studying Cultural and Humanities Studies in Tokyo, Japan, she furthered her qualifications on Digital Marketing and Internationalisation. Roser joined EURADA in July 2019 and is in charge of organising and promoting the 5th edition of EURADA Awards. She also attends events and conferences representing EURADA. Moreover, Roser is advising developing agencies by proofreading and validating their proposals. Finally, she promotes and puts in contact EURADA members and partners among themselves and with new opportunities and proposals.
Ulises Pisano
Ulises PisanoCommunication & Policy Officer
Ulises obtained a Political Science Degree in the University of Valencia (Spain), where he participated as a member of the board of the Faculty of Law and as part of the Political Science Academic Title Commission. After that, he showed interests in different areas as foreign policy, international relations methodologies, digital marketing, and internationalisation. He joined EURADA in September 2019 and nowadays he is in charge of international projects and communication.

We are also grateful to the people who have contributed to EURADA in the past

Christian SAUBLENS
Marianne TOMBEUR

Ivana Rae ALMORA
Leonardo CANUTTI
Anatolie CARBUNE
Christopher MCINNES
Matyas TALAS