Esteban Pelayo
Esteban PelayoDirector
Esteban Pelayo joined EURADA in 2015 as director. Previously, he worked in the EU office of the Region of Murcia in Brussels (2011-2015) and in the Regional Development Agency of Murcia (2000-2011), where he coordinated the network of technology centres of the Regional Development Agency. He started his professional career in the Innovation Relay Centre Network helping companies to establish transnational technology transfer agreements (IPR licensing) at the University of Alicante (1996-2000).
Tessa Anné
Tessa AnnéManager
After obtaining her master’s degree in Linguistics and Literature, Tessa worked for various public and private companies in their communication and marketing departments. She joined EURADA in 2007 to strengthen the communication activities of the association and to provide assistance in the administrative implementation of projects. During this time she has participated in and has been responsible for engaging stakeholders, organisation of events for best practice exchanges, and awareness-raising for EU-funded projects.
Currently Tessa oversees the Interreg Europe Social SEEDS project and the Erasmus+ IN4WOOD project. She contributes to the daily management of the EURADA offices and deals with aspects related to administration, finance, and HR.
Alexandre Arcos
Alexandre ArcosCommunication and Project Officer
Alex studied Economics at the University of Valencia and at the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, and specialised in Development Alex studied Economics at the University of Valencia and at the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, and specialized in Development Economics and the Economic History of China between the 80s and the early 2000s. Because of his background and interests he is in charge of the ReConfirm initiative of the European Commission to support the establishment of interregional investment projects, and elaborates position papers. Moreover, he is responsible for the communication department of EURADA and its website. Currently, he is working on the Interreg Projects Scale-Up and Beyond EDP and helps in the organisation of AGORADA+2020.
Ivana Rae Almora
Ivana Rae AlmoraProject & Policy Officer
Ivana graduated with a bachelor’s degree in European languages from the University of the Philippines-Diliman, where she majored in German and minored in Spanish. In an effort to steer her career toward international relations, she pursued a master’s degree in EU studies and human rights at the Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia (Spain). She first joined EURADA in the summer of 2019 as an intern in fulfilment of her master’s requirements and is now a EURADA project officer for the Interreg project SCALE UP, which aims to support SME growth in regional, national, and international markets.
Owen Brown
Owen BrownProject Officer
Having graduated in Interactive Media at the University of South Wales in 2010, Owen moved abroad and started working primarily in education across a variety of European countries whilst focusing on language-learning in his personal time. After numerous years in Norway, Poland, Belarus, and Ukraine, in 2016 and 2017 Owen volunteered full-time in Civil Society Organisations operating in Serbia and Greece, specifically working on: asylum counselling for applicants for international protection, monitoring the progress and implementation of the EU Relocation scheme, attendance at NGO working groups, co-organising coordination meetings for CSOs, disseminating situation updates among CSOs, and managing an information page for end beneficiaries. Owen joined EURADA in March 2020 and is assigned to the Horizon 2020 projects POCITYF, TeRRItoria, and XPRESS, facilitating Positive Energy Blocks, Responsible Research and Innovation, and Green Public Procurement respectively. Areas of particular interest to him, other than economics in general, include financial innovation and the deeper, structural causes of gender inequality.
Andrea Carini
Andrea CariniProject & Policy Officer
Andrea graduated in Political Science for Cooperation and Development at Roma Tre University (Italy) and obtained a master’s degree in European and International Studies at the University of Trento (Italy). He joined EURADA in March 2020, where he collaborates on the preparation of the position papers and monitors the EU policy initiatives relevant for the association. Also, he is in charge of the Horizon 2020 projects POCITYF, XPRESS and ENTRANCES. His professional interests lie in research activities and project management on the topics of urban and regional development.
Brixhilda Cepaj
Brixhilda CepajProject & Policy Officer
After acquiring a Bachelor’s degree in Language Mediation Sciences, Brixhilda went on to complete a two-year double Master’s degree in Global Politics and International Relations in 2019. The first year of this took place at the University of Macerata, Italy, where she pursued International Politics and Economic Relations, while the second was in International Public and Business Administration at the Moscow Institute of International Relations. She specialised in Civil Society and European Institutions. Following this, until February 2020 she was a Blue Book Trainee at DG NEAR. Brixhilda joined EURADA in March 2020 through Interreg Volunteer Youth – an initiative of European Solidarity Corps – and was involved in organising the final conferences of the Interreg projects ESSPO AND Beyond EDP. Currently, Brixhilda works for EURADA as a Project Officer for the Interreg projects SCALE UP, ESSPO, and Beyond EDP. Moreover, she is involved in DIH-World, a project which aims to accelerate the uptake of advanced digital technologies by European manufacturing SMEs in all sectors and support them in building sustainable competitive advantage.
Giacomo Frisanco
Giacomo FrisancoCommunication & Policy Officer
Giacomo has a solid background in International Relations, with a master’s degree majoring in Russian foreign politics at the Almamater Studiorum University of Bologna. Giacomo worked firstly for the Italian public administration in the Department for Youth Policy, where he became passionate about communication and social media, and then for the European Commission in DG GROW, where he took responsibility for the European Portal Your Europe. He joined EURADA in March 2019 to strengthen the communication activities of the association.
He is the communication manager of the project TeRRItoria, a project that deals with RRI (Responsible Research and Innovation).Giacomo manages the participation of EURADA as an advisory partner to 6 regional authorities within Interreg Europe’s SCALE UP project, developing better ERDF policies to support concentration and robustness of SMEs. He is also involved in the Horizon 2020 project ‘XPRESS’ which offers support to public procurement to facilitate the collaboration between SMEs and public sector for the adoption of RES (Renewable Energy Sources) in regions.
Estefanía López
Estefanía LópezProject Officer
After graduating in Law and specialising in Judicial studies in Spain, largely thanks to a training programme of the Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness (IVACE), Estefanía started at EURADA in June 2019. She is in charge of preparing new proposals and helping the Association with the issues related to them. She has been working on the Interreg project ESSPO which takes a long-term approach to contribute to the creation of effective and efficient SME support service portfolios, which are capable to impact the regional economies via increasing SME’s competitiveness.
Currently, she is in involved in Scale Up project, which plans to improve policy instruments supporting SMEs capacity to grow in national and international markets. Furthermore, she will be in charge of the preparation of final conferences from different projects.
Christopher McInnes
Christopher McInnesProject & Policy Officer
Christopher has an MA (Hons) in French and International Relations from the University of St Andrews, UK. He will complete an executive master’s degree in EU International Relations and Diplomacy from the College of Europe, Bruges by 2020.

Passionate about languages and European policies (internal and external), Christopher returns to EURADA following one year of learning at the College of Europe. His return marks the continuation of a career linked to EU regional policy and its external dimensions. With an interest in how best to assist European regions prosper, Christopher is currently focused on one of EURADA’s H2020 projects: TetRRIS. In charge of the project management of TetRRIS – namely, its communication to European and regional stakeholders – Christopher works with project partners to connect the principles of Responsible Research and Innovation with EU regional governance (i.e. Smart Specialisation Strategies). Beyond project management, Christopher develops position papers, and manages relations with EURADA’s transatlantic sister organisation (IEDC) and some additional third/associated country members.

A native English speaker with fluent French, reading knowledge of Spanish, and some knowledge of Chinese, Christopher thrives on interacting with other cultures and peoples.

Ulises Pisano
Ulises PisanoPolicy & Communication Officer
Ulises obtained a degree in Political Science at the University of Valencia (Spain), where he took part as a member of the board of the Faculty of Law and was in charge of the institutional communication of Amnesty International Valencia. After that, he showed interest in areas as diverse as foreign policy, international relations methodologies, cooperation, and internationalisation.
Regarding his interests and his background, he joined EURADA in September 2019 thanks to a training programme offered by the Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness (IVACE) and is nowadays in charge of international projects like the cooperation agreements between Latin American and European regions, external communication on SSNN, and webpage management.
Currently, he is involved in two H2020 projects: TetRRIs, project based on the approach of Responsible Research and Investigation in the design of Smart Specialisation Strategies; and Entrances, which aims to analyse the effect on societies due to de-territorialisation processes suffered by coal and carbon-intensive regions in the transition into greener economies.
Alberto Soria
Alberto SoriaPolicy & Project Officer
Alberto graduated in Political and Public Administration Sciences and Law with a special focus on EU-related matters and International Relations, having studied at the University of Granada (Spain) and the University of Limerick (Ireland). He joined EURADA in October 2019 and has carried out various activities since his arrival: from producing studies of European RDAs to contributing towards the organisation of events and assisting member organisations. He also collaborates on the Interreg Europe project Social Seeds, which aims to enhance policy support to social enterprises, creating the right conditions to allow the sector to develop. Alberto currently coordinates the Horizon 2020 project DIH-World, focused on the strengthening of regional Digital Innovation Hubs across Europe, ensuring that enterprises have the possibility to sustainably grow their competitive advantage and reach global markets.
Roser Torres Moscad
Roser Torres MoscadProject Officer
Roser has a degree in Translation and Cultural Mediation. After one year studying Cultural and Humanities Studies in Tokyo, Japan, she furthered her qualifications in Digital Marketing and Internationalisation. Roser joined EURADA in July 2019 due to the Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness (IVACE) training programme and is in charge of organising and promoting the 5th edition of EURADA Awards. She also attends events and conferences representing EURADA. Moreover, Roser advises Development Agencies by proofreading and validating their proposals. Finally, she promotes EURADA members and partners and puts them in contact with one another, as well as with new opportunities and proposals.
Currently, she is involved in two H2020 projects: TetRRIs, project based on the approach of Responsible Research and Investigation in the design of Smart Specialisation Strategies; and Entrances, which aims to analyse the effect on societies due to de-territorialisation processes suffered by coal and carbon-intensive regions in the transition into greener economies.
Daniel Martín
Daniel MartínIntern
Daniel studied Labor Relations and Human Resources at the University of Murcia. After finishing his degree, he worked for ten months as an intern at Social Economy Europe in Brussels where he was in charge of communication and administration. This provided him with extensive experience of Social Economy and EU policies. Since September 2020 he has been with EURADA under the IVY volunteer programme, through which he works on the Interreg project Social Seeds. This project aims to enhance policy support for social enterprises, creating the right conditions to allow this important sector to further develop.

We are also grateful to the other people who have contributed to EURADA in the past

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Marianne TOMBEUR

Leonardo CANUTTI
Anatolie CARBUNE
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