ERVET and ASTER, historical members of EURADA, are proud to announce to all members that they have merged in the new company ART-ER Attractiveness Research Territory born last 1st May 2019. ART-ER purpose is to foster the region’s sustainable growth by developing innovation and knowledge, attractiveness and internationalization of the territorial system.

ART-ER has the “goal of promoting the sustainable growth of the region by developing research, innovation and knowledge, consolidating industrial research, sharing technology and expertise, supporting start-ups and business acceleration, attracting and developing investments in productive sectors and internationalizing the region’s economy, cooperating with other entities and supporting integrated planning of public resources with a local impact, so as to foster the conditions to enhance and boost the region’s competitiveness and transform its cities and productive industries”.

ART-ER is a not for profit company, it has been set up according to the Regional Law no.1/2018 and has the legal status of Joint Stock Consortium Company. It has a total staff of 190 people organized into two divisions: one dedicated to Sustainable Territorial Development (inherited by ERVET) and one to Research and Innovation (inherited by ASTER).

Main activities are:

  • Coordination and development of the regional ecosystem for innovation and knowledge, support to startups and boosting business;
  • Sustainable territorial development, internationalization and attractiveness of the community and promotion of investments in Emilia-Romagna;
  • Promotion of the region’s productive systems and cities through projects on infrastructure, social innovation, skills development and environmental sustainability
  • Supporting the shareholders in planning their activities in the following fields:
    • designing, management, monitoring and assessment of strategic programmes and projects;
    • participation in and development of national, European and international networks;
    • research and studies on the region’s social and economic assets;
    • designing, construction and management of infrastructure for the regional development.

In other words, ART-ER keeps all goals, priorities and functions of ERVET and ASTER, improving its operational capacities by exploiting all synergies and additional opportunities enabled by the integration of the different competencies and experiences of their staff.

For more information on the new company click here.

Both, Aster and ERVET are members of EURADA (since its creation in 1992) and they elected members of the Board of Directors. Roberta Dall’Olio, responsible for European Union, international cooperation and social innovation for ERVET, is currently performing his duties as president of EURDA until the spring 2020. Moreover, ERVET and ASTER were the promoter of the activities on social innovation and of the International Group on Social Innovation. Therefore, both agencies organised the annual conference of all the development agencies, Agorada+ 2016 in Bologna on the subject “Social Innovation for Territories”.