The Brokerage Event for Innovation Agencies 2020 organised by EURADA took place on January 30th, 2020. The event was divided in four different sessions:

An ‘Opportunities for Innovation Agencies’ session where Janos Schmied (DG GROW) had the kindness of explaining the European Commission’s calls and initiatives, such as those included in the Horizon 2020 Work Programme for ‘Innovation in SMEs’ (INNOSUP). Then, Gergely Tardos (EIC Taskforce II) did the same regarding the European Innovation Council and how they help the small companies and entrepreneurs to scale up internationally;

A ‘Presentation of successful projects’ session where different participants gave a presentation about already implemented or ongoing projects aimed at boosting innovation. The session covered specially concluded INNOSUP-05 projects, but also INNOSUP-06 and so on;

A ‘Pitch of new project ideas’ session. As the title says for itself, the main objective of the session was for participants to share with others their ideas for mainly INNOSUP-05 projects (but also for many other calls on innovation). This session is expected to act as a bridge for participants to meet other practitioners of their same fields to build consortium.

The last session of the day, ‘Potential partners for your projects’, where participants presented their agency and area of expertise. Many interesting services were showcased from different innovation agencies.

Apart from all the sessions, there were parallel activities as well. The main purpose of the Brokerage Event for Innovation Agencies is for participants to engage in new projects by meeting each other, finding common interests and submitting joint proposals. This is why during the whole day there were one-on-one meetings scheduled. Another activity conducted to promote one’s agency with the aim of finding partners for project ideas was the laying of a big magnetic board where participants could stick their ideas and the interested ones could add their business card for future contact and engagement.

The day was concluded with the Best Presentation Award Ceremony, Closing remarks & Networking cocktail. For this, EURADA’s Director Esteban Pelayo conducted the closing ceremony making a recapitulation of the day and the expectations springing from it. For this last closing session, the award for the best project was given. During the whole day and after the first session on successful projects, participants could vote on Slido for their favourite presentation, thus for their favourite project. Finally, the attendants decided to rate the one given by Nicola Doppio (Hub Innovazione Trentino) as the most interesting one, winning then the award of this year’s edition.

If you couldn’t attend the event, take a look at the proceedings, the participant list, the pictures of the morning sessions, interesting upcoming calls and interesting upcoming events.

You can download the presentations clicking the icon below