Eurada News nº396 - January 2020

Brokerage Event for Innovation Agencies 2020

The Brokerage Event for Innovation Agencies has proved to be a successful one. In the past, several synergies from participants have emerged, presenting proposals and some of them being funded. EURADA has been organising it for 5 years, with regard to the call Peer Learning of Innovation Agencies (INNOSUP-05). Keep reading to find out how this latest edition went.

On January 30th, the Brokerage Event for Innovation Agencies took place. The 2020 edition, organised by EURADA, was held in Brussels. It brought a whole day full of opportunities for Innovation Agencies to showcase their expertise, services and find potential partners for a future collaboration. This edition counted more than 60 participants from over 10 countries.

In past editions, many participant agencies found partners to build a consortium and presented their proposals. Resulting in consortia such as ESSI and GO SIV, projects that were funded and have since finalised. The fact the Brokerage Event has been around for five years now has allowed to create communities of regional economic practitioners. They learn from each other and from the results of successfully implemented projects. They also cooperate with each other, presenting new project proposals.

The Brokerage Event for Innovation Agencies usually revolves around the Peer learning of innovation agencies (INNOSUP-05). This is due to the remarkable benefits innovation agencies can obtain from sharing with one another findings and know-how. This is the reason why it is the main topic of the event. This topic has been supported by the European Commission since 2014, and Innovation will remain a big important pillar in Horizon Europe, funded with €13.5 billion.  Nonetheless, given the broad spectrum of actions and opportunities innovation has to offer, participants gained insight in topics other than INNOSUP-05.

The one-day event was split into two sessions: the morning session and the afternoon session. The first one aimed at projecting the results of already implemented or ongoing projects, so that participants could get information on how others worked, what was useful, what was not, and to be inspired for future projects.

The afternoon sessions aim at finding partners for future projects, either with project ideas or by presenting one’s agency, strong points and their working fields. In the next paragraph, the agencies representatives contacts and the titles of the presentations will be listed. Their presentations are attached to this document.

  • George TABAKOV (Bulgaria Economic Forum). Labour Market and Artificial Intelligence Penetration;
  • Karolien DE BRUINE (Oost NL). BEGIN*EU, Benchmark Good Innovation practices;
  • Ilaria CORSI (Lazio Innova). Spreading digital culture and digital manufacturing to boost solutions to social and business challenges;
  • Mario MILANOVIC (CIDEA): City Development Agency of Banja Luka, with their specific idea to work in SMEs and start-ups support, agri-food-rural development and tourism, and energy efficiency and ecology;
  • Luca PIRA (ZABALA). The idea is for the call “Hybridisation of battery systems for stationary energy storage” (LC-BAT-9-2020);
  • Marta SERRANO (COMAU Academy) represented by Esteban PELAYO (EURADA). An Industry 4.0 educational challenge: presenting e.DO (flexible, interactive open-source professional robot created for anyone who wants to explore or expand the world of robotics;
  • Dieter MEYER Consulting, represented by Tommaso GALLI (EURADA). Contact person Dieter MEYER. Consultancy useful to work with German regions and to use it as a starting point to find a German partner.
  • Niki PAPADOGIANNAKIS (SB OverSeas). “Changing how we talk about migration, sharing voices from the ground and tackling narratives in spaces of power”.
  • Ettore MUSACCHI (ATRA). Automotive and Building sector. Reusing and recycling tyres and rubber to make different materials for construction or industry.
  • Saverio d’EREDITÀ (Friuli Innovazione). They offer their expertise in EU Project management and coordination, a wide EU partners’ network, and methodological skills in drafting design option papers, policy recommendations and innovation audit schemes. Looking for experts in AI, Industry 4.0, Service Innovation, Cultural and Creative Industries, Social Innovation and Business incubation and acceleration programmes.
  • IZKA, represented by Giacomo FRISANCO (EURADA). Contact person Serkan GÜMÜŞ. Their focus areas for 2020-2023 are Innovation & Entrepreneurship (digitalization, IT, smart specialisation strategy, green innovation & entrepreneurship), Green Growth (sustainable manufacturing, clean energy, sustainable agriculture) and Blue Growth (maritime economy & maritime logistics, creative industries, coastal tourism.
  • Antti TOIVANEN (Kainuun Etu Oy). They offer their experience and know-how to coach digital mental health. Mental health is the main reason of people leaving their workplace, and it has to be palliated.

To finalise the event, and before participants could leave for the networking cocktail to keep finding new potential partners and cooperation, the Best Presentation Award Ceremony and closing remarks took place. For this session, EURADA prepared an interaction with the participants, allowing them to vote for their favourite project presented in the successful projects. The most voted agency, thus the winner of the Brokerage Event Best Project, was Hub Innovazione Trentino with their three best practices: two INNOSUP-05 projects, INNOCHALLENGE and INNOADDITIVE; and INNOSUP-06 200SMEchallenge.

More information

HERE you will find attached all the presentations.

Written by Roser Torres, Project Officer at EURADA.