Activities and opportunities of cooperation with chemical regions of the S3P industrial partnership


The Chemical regions S3P partnership was established in June 2018 under the European Chemical Regions Network (ECRN). The network and the partnership are the main entities for interregional cooperation. The leading regions where chemical industry plays a key role are already members of the partnership and ECRN. The main objective is the modernisation of the chemical industry to a sustainable, energy- and resource efficient sector that is globally competitive and that provides innovative solutions.

S3P chemical partnership open for cooperation

The chemical S3P partnership has established a portfolio of common projects to regional joint investments. Clusters and other entities that are included in the European Alliance Against Coronavirus alliance can help leverage private investment in joint S3P projects. Cluster and business representatives, including national/regional chemical industry association representatives, as well as research organisations have been involved in the Working Group Meetings and are gradually being acquainted with the aims of the partnership, and contribute in the discussions on regional needs and potentials

The webinar

Three lead regions of the S3P chemicals will present their ongoing activities and projects. After four 10’ presentations, a debate will be established with the participants on how to cooperate to overcome the disruptions in European value chains, increase the competitiveness and bring new investors to the projects of the S3P thematic partnerships.


The European Alliance against Coronavirus was created following the outbreak of the coronavirus. All European countries and regions have adopted economic response measures. Several actions are already being implemented and many others are in the pipeline for the future. A group of experts established some weeks ago is working on providing solutions based on territorial cooperation (it started as an informal group to facilitate equipment using 3D-printing), this informal group expanded and created the European Alliance Against Coronavirus. In this moment they are identifying disruptions in European value chains and establishing common projects to solve them.

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Tuesday 7th of July from 8h30-9h30 (CET)

8:30 – Welcome participantas
Antonio Novo – President of the European Clusters Alliance

8h35   Introduction
Ms. Monika Banka – European Chemical Regions Network

8h40   Bi-Rex project (from Nowal Chimica)
Mr. Mattia Adani –Lombardy Region

8h50   Chemelot Circular Hub
Mrs. Lia Voermans – Limburg Region

9h00 Chemical in Flow
Maria Dolors Núñez – ACCIÓ Catalonia

9h10  Debate about opportunities of cooperation for disruption in value chain
Moderated by Antonio Novo – President European Clusters Alliance

9h25  Wrap up and conclusions
Antonio Novo – President European Clusters Alliance

Speakers list

Mattia Adani
Mattia AdaniLombardy Region
Monika Banka
Monika Banka European Chemical Regions Network
Dolors Núñez
Dolors NúñezFlow Chemistry Interregional Hub
Lia Voermans
Lia Voermans Limburg Region