The deadline to propose representatives and speakers to actively take part at the forum “Cities and Regions for Development Cooperation 2019” has been extended to next 15th of October. From EURADA we kindly suggest you to invite your international contacts to do so by filling the following form and send it as soon as possible to this e-mail address.

The Committee of the Regions and the European Commission will organise next February the 2019 edition of the forum “Cities and Regions for Development Cooperation”, previously known as Assises of Decentralised Cooperation, gathering more than 500 experts from cities and regions. The organisers are able to provide travel and accommodation of a limited number of representatives from the EU’s partner countries to attend this forum that will be held in Brussels (Belgium) on 4-5th February 2019. Priority will be given to elected local and regional representatives, both from within and from outside of Europe that would like to participate actively in the conference. Opinion leaders who can make an essential contribution to the debate of decentralised cooperation may also be considered.