In the framework of a visit of a Croatian Delegation, EURADA presented the current status of the European Development Agencies. The Delegation was composed by high representatives of Croatian ministries that will lead the working parties of the Council of the European Union during the Croatian Presidency during the first semester of 2020. The representatives from the Croatian delegation will be the chairs, co-chairs or advisors of the working parties, representing the Croatian ministries of Foreign Affairs, Interior, Health, Justice, Environment and Energy

The visit of the delegation has been supported by a project funded by the European Social Fund programme. The objectives of the project are already going beyond the Croatian Presidency to prepare public employees to get the most out of the EU policies. During their visit to Brussels, the Croatian Delegation has visited EU institutions, several permanent representations to get insight of their previous experiences with the Presidency and they are establishing exchanges with other institutions.

The Croatian delegation has analysed the role of EURADA providing advocacy. The delegates have learned how EURADA organises its promotional campaigns to support development agencies, how it establishes partnerships and bringing actors together to provide soft influence in EU policies. EURADA has established a permanent dialogue with EU institutions to advocate for the profession of economic developers, fostering their presence in EU institutions, provide visibility and give more opportunities to participate in EU projects by development agencies.

Currently, EURADA has three Croatian members: Zagreb Innovation Center (ZICER), Development Agency of Sisak-Moslavina County (SI-MO-RA) and the Development Agency of the City of Duvronik (DURA).