Eurada News nº401 - June 2020

Cybersecurity Digital innovation Hub responses to COVID-19 crisis

This solidarity initiative originated from within the local ICT sector itself: AEI CIBERSEGURIDAD (National Cybersecurity Cluster) and AETICAL (ICTs Regional Association), and ICE (Institute for Business Competitiveness of Castilla y León , a public entity devoted to promote Business Competitiveness in the region) came together within the framework of the Cybersecurity Digital Innovation Hub ( to provide it. It will cover current needs derived from the COVID19 state of emergency, to support SMEs, micro-SMEs and the self-employed in Castilla y León who are implementing telematic services, teleworking and cyber-security solutions as a response to the health crises.


The service includes customized and/or personal attention by telephone and/or telematics, for those professionals who face technological challenges in this time of need, as well as more specialist support for departments and qualified professionals, helping them with problem-solving skills. To fulfil its aims the service will be provided in collaboration with the region’s ICT and technology agents through two channels:

  1. Guidance and support service, through an online access contact form to identify the subject matter and the specific query for which help is needed divided into three areas: Teleworking, Cybersecurity or Aid, and Funding . The requests will be distributed to specialist service providers for these areas, AETICAL for Teleworking and Cybersecurity; AEI CYBER SECURITY and INCIBE (Spanish national Cybersecurity Institute), with the collaboration of IOT DIH (Internet of Things Digital Innovation Hub) and some of the most relevant Technology Centres: AIR INSTITUTE, ITCL, CIDAUT AND CARTIF, and ICE for grants and financing, to engage with the client. 
  2. Information and Resources Service. A repository of current assets on teleworking, cyber security and grants and funding, aimed at small and medium-sized companies. Each section of the repository will have practical information on: News, Area of warnings, attacks and threats, Training, Resources, Tools, Applications, Guides, Funding, Projects, Legal and Public Administration, and regional data on providers and services offered in teleworking and cyber security (CATYBER).

Service provision

Access to the service for any SME or regionally self-employed person will be through a simple form, setting out the needs and challenges to be addressed in relation to teleworking and cybersecurity or related, available on a permanent floating banner , which will remain visible at all times while browsing the Cybersecurity DIH page, as well as on each of the websites of service providers, where this is available. Consultations will be dealt with by the heads of each section. For Teleworking and Cybersecurity by AETICAL; AEI CIBERSEGURIDAD and INCIBE, with the collaboration of IOT DIH (Internet of Things Digital Innovation Hub) and some of the most relevant Technology Centres: AIR INSTITUTE, ITCL, CIDAUT AND CARTIF, and for Grants and funding by ICE.
Internal management and monitoring of consultation requests will be carried out through collaborative tools.


The service platform will be part of The Cybersecurity Innovation Hub portal , which is a one-stop-shop to help companies develop more competitive business and production processes, products or services using digital technologies. The portal’s specialization focus includes secure teleworking and cybersecurity. Access will be through a pop-up window: COVID-19 Health Crisis (Crisis Sanitaria COVID-19).

1.- Guidance and Support Service: Tailored advice to clients from across the ICT sector, ICE, INCIBE and technological agents (e-mail or telephone).

2.- Information and Resources. Available assets on teleworking, cybersecurity and financing, focused on the special needs of small and medium enterprises (AEI, ICE, INCIBE, AETICAL and new technological partners).

The immediate priority is to be able to offer support to companies in time of need, but with the launch of this first action, we aim to establish a path for future work that will allow the generation of co-development projects, expansion of R&D capacities, and more innovation actions and improvement of the secure digital transformation across the region.


By Cybersecurity Digital Innovation Hub.