The outcomes of the ESSI (European Support to Social Innovation – Horizon 2020, INNOSUP) project have been discussed during the “Regions and Cities for Social Innovation”, regional partnership 11WS214 on ‘Cohesion Policy meets Social Enterprises’ session, on 11th October 2018. This project is formed by our members ERVET (Emilia-Romagna), IVACE (Valencia) and Kainuun Etu Oy, together with ANKARAKA.
The discussion focused on the design option paper which is the final output of the project, with references to the legal and regulatory framework of social enterprises, business support structures for accessing financing and markets, new technologies serving social innovation and the quality of life, education & training in relation to social enterprises, as much as their values and impact on society.
Representatives from the EU, European regions and cities set the policy framework, evaluated strengths and weaknesses of the existing policy instruments and brought together experiences from different EU projects. The workshop contributed to strengthen the dialogue between regions, cities and social economy stakeholders on opportunities and actions able to improve regional ecosystems and foster social economy.
The event was organized by EURADA together with the Emilia-Romagna Region and hosted at their premises. For further information please check the official webpage o email ERVET.