Last Monday 29th of June, over 100 people joined us for the online conference “SME support for the post-Covid era” in which we heard from a diverse array of speakers on the topic of policies for supporting SMEs. This included not only guest speakers and the results of the Interreg Europe project ESSPO, but also a visit from the Programme Director of Interreg Europe himself, Erwin Siweris. 

Under the expert moderation of Mr Richard Tuffs of ERRIN fame, we covered many areas, including: 

  • the success so far and the future of the Interreg Europe programme; 
  • challenges SMEs will face after Covid-19; 
  • how to effectively identify and react to SME needs; 
  • approaches to designing SME support portfolios; 
  • ESSPO and the solutions it has developed; 
  • and the extent to which authorities have sped up their response times vis-à-vis SMEs. 


One point of particular interest raised by Christian Saublens was that crisis management should be less top-down and more data-driven, using both insights and operations teams. Otherwise, initiatives that stood out included one-stop-shops for access to finance, and an e-wallet solution for spending only on local businesses. 

Thank you to everyone who spoke for their good ideas and suggestions, as well as to all attendees for their attention and keen questions. A recording of the event will be uploaded in the coming days. If interested, please keep an eye on our website and/or social media accounts. We look forward to seeing you in the next event.