Frequently Asked Questions

Call for Expression of Interest for EU regions to cooperate on RIS3 with 3 Brazilian States

EU-CELAC INNOV-AL Platform: Promotion of decentralised innovation policies in Brazil




  1. What does EU CELAC INNOV-AL stands for?

It is a project supported by DG Regio of the European Commission to support dissemination of the EU regional policy experience and good practices and to develop further cooperation between national and regional authorities and specialised agencies in 3 Brazilian states (Pará, Pernambuco and Paraná), as well as between Brazilian partners and EU countries and regions on the identification and implementation of decentralised, regional-level innovation and smart specialisation policies.


  1. Is the participation free or are there any other fees involved?

No, the application and participation are free. Your entity will recover the expenses of the trips to Brazil. Two persons from your region will travel to Brazil for a conference.


  1. What are the costs involved?

The project does not cover your staff costs. Your organization would pay the hours that you invest in this cooperation. You should bear in mind as well the hospitality costs linked to the reception of a Brazilian Delegation of more than 12 persons during several days in your region.


  1. What are the benefits for my region?

Participating regions will be offered the possibility to conclude formal cooperation agreements or alternatively engage directly in concrete cooperation projects identified through the networking and knowledge exchange process. Your region would be able to involve firms, public and private agencies, Universities, research centres and other organisations.




  1. How to apply?

Entities leading the smart specialization in their territories are invited to complete the application form provided at the website It can be filled in any language, however we kindly suggest you to submit it in EnglishWe only accept applications submitted electronically to or via the website


  1. Could we apply to several Brazilian States?

Each applicant can choose when submitting the expression of interest a single Brazilian State. However you could make separate applications for all of them. We recommend you to customise the offer from your region accordingly with the requirements of each Brazilian State.


  1. How many hours of work are needed to submit a competitive application?

We estimate that you would invest between one and two days to prepare a proposal. The application is concise, and the form is prepared to have an extension of three to five pages approximately. You could submit the application on-line or off-line, as it would be easier for you


  1. Is the deadline for application definite?

Yes, expressions of interest submitted after the 15th of June 2018 (midnight CEST) cannot be considered. Please make sure you apply in time.


  1. It is necessary to establish previous contacts with the Brazilian States? Do we gather letter of support from them?

You do not need to have previous relationships with the Brazilian States. The purpose of this initiative serves precisely to establish such relationships and showcase your best practices in other territories. Letters of support from the Brazilian States will not be considered during the evaluation




  1. Who is eligible to apply?

Any regional government or any public agency directly involved in the design and development of the smart specialization strategy in its territory. All the applications should be done by entities working at sub-national level of economic promotion to showcase your decentralised governance of innovation policies.


  1. Who is our counterpart? What entity represents each Brazilian States?

The Governor of each Brazilian State formally represents their territory. The day to day of the project will be managed by the office which manages the economic strategy. The Brazilian federal government is also involved in this project.


  1. Is it possible for entities from EEA, candidate countries or non-EU member states also apply?

No, this is a programme specifically designed for EU territories. Regions from European Economic Area (EEA) countries, from accession countries or from non-EU countries could not take part




  1. According to which criteria will the participants be selected among the applicants?

The selection criteria are focused on regions’ degree of commitment and interest, best practices and ability to deliver in the time allotted. The submitted application will be evaluated as follows:

1.- Your good practices on RIS3 management

2.- Representation of the diversity of Europe, with a selection of regions from different EU countries to provide a comprehensive offer to the 3 States

3.- Alignment with the Brazilian economic cooperation offered, in ICT or agri-food production as it is described in the profiles of Pernambuco, Pará and Paraná.


  1. How many applications you consider that it will be received? Are going to be fierce competition?

It is estimated that at least 3 EU regional applications will be gathered for each Brazilian State to assure a sufficient level of competition. Following past similar experience all applicants are eligible and high qualified regions.


  1. Who is going to evaluate the proposals?

The applications will be evaluated by the partners of the project (SPI and INFYDE) with the support of EURADA. The selection of the final participants will be subject to prior agreement of DG REGIO.


  1. When will the selection committee announce the participants?

After the application deadline June 15, the final decision will be announced in July 2018. Each applicant will be informed individually about the decision taken.



  1. How are going to be done the networking and knowledge exchange with the Brazilian? Are we going to receive a visit of a Brazilian Delegation in my region?

It is very likely that you would receive a Brazilian delegation in your territory. At least two of the three selected EU regions will receive a Delegation of more than 12 persons for a study visit of some days.


  1. What are the contents of those study visits of the Brazilian Delegation to my region?

The study visits will focus on your practical experiences and would include meetings with public authorities from your region, technology transfer agencies, development agencies and representatives of private sector. You should organise an agenda that would encourage direct exchanges between regional actors by sharing information, best practices and lessons learned about the design and implementation of regional innovation policies in different contexts.


  1. Are we going to visit the Brazilian States?

Yes, at least two persons from your Region will participate in a closing conference of with the participation of representatives from three States and the Federal Government


  1. Are there other activities envisaged? Do we have to do anything else?

The project is going to develop an on-line platform (Portuguese/English). It will be a central tool and will include information on best practices emerging in the project areas, e-learning, webinars or YouTube channel, search engine as well as an interactive forum to be used by participants to collaborate and communicate. The on-line platform will provide concrete cross-project learning opportunities (between EU and Brazilian States but also between the Brazilian States themselves) and visibility.




  1. Where do I find more information about the project and the call for participation?

All information is published online at and In case of questions, please reach out to