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In order to promote the recognition of best practices in regional development, the General Assembly of the European Association of Development Agencies decided to launch the fourth edition of the EURADA Awards. The winners of the past editions have been Idepa (Asturias, Spain) for Open Innovation 4.0 (2017), Sodena (Navarre, Spain) for Orizont (2017), Kainuun Etu (Kainuun, Finland) for Cross-Sectorial Model (2016) and Oost NV (Limburg, Netherlands) for FoodValley Ambassadors (2015). Here you can download the 2018 call in PDF format.

As the previous edition, following the request of the General Assembly, any Development Agency within Europe may apply to the 2018 EURADA Awards. There will be 2 categories: one for EURADA members only and one open to any European Development Agency.

Any European Development Agency can apply. It is considered a Development Agency any entity:

  1. That carries out an economic development mission characterised by the search of the collective or overall interest of an area (and not corporative or sectorial), and
  2. That is significantly linked with a local, metropolitan or regional authority with respect to management, financing or missions.

The EURADA Awards aim to identify new developments introduced by our members and other development agencies. We would like to showcase best practices for the benefit of all. These awards acknowledge any type of improvement in your agency. Past winners can serve as perfect examples of innovations in your development agency that could be rewarded:

  • New organisational model for development agencies:

– ACCIÓ was a finalist in 2016 for its European projects service. The development agency from Catalonia implemented an advanced structure that increased their participation in EU grants.

– In 2017, ASTER was finalist with SPARK, a new tool aimed at fostering the dialogue between Enterprise and Research by empowering researchers to think about research results from a market point of view based on the Business Model Canvas (BMC).

  • Support provided to consolidated companies (financing, innovation, internationalisation, etc.), creation and consolidation of companies and entrepreneurship:

– Kainuun Etu won on 2016 for the re-organisation implemented in their agency, which reinforced its customer approach with a one-stop-shop service to be a unique entry point for companies. The RDA has a central management system that mobilises all the stakeholders that could satisfy the needs of a company. Customer base increased by 300%, showing that it is already a success.

  • New topics / New use in the area of your development agency:

– This was the case of the FoodValley Ambassadors programme, the 2015 winner. For Oost NV (Netherlands), it was the first specific action for human resources. They were able to combine internationalisation, innovation support to local companies, talent attraction, and cooperation with universities and research organisations.

– Last year, SODENA won with the Orizont programme to attract innovative talent and entrepreneurial spirit to revitalize and strengthen the agrifood industry, not only in Navarre but also internationally.

  • Adaptability to change:

– It is recognised the capacity of the agency to evolve with the time and readapt completely to new challenges. For example, this was the case of the North-East Romania RDA, which is engaged in a genuine cooperation process based on S3 with Northern Netherlands Provinces.

– Also, last year the Ljubljana Urban Region was finalist with a Regional Creative Economy Center, an initiator, connector and a platform for horizontal and vertical cooperation, the result of which is the development of a creative ecosystem at the regional level. This ecosystem combines creative employees (jobs), creative spaces and (creative) economy.

Development Agencies should apply by making compelling arguments about the six following questions:

  • Why do you believe you deserve the award?
  • Summarize the tool you are implementing.
  • Explain how this tool is a breakthrough with your past one.
  • Who is the final beneficiary of your action?
  • Expected/measured impact.
  • Potential for transferability.

Candidatures to be submitted not later than 15th of January 2019 using the on-line form available through this link. Each field in the application form is limited to 2,000 characters to make it easier for you. However, if needed, you could send us further complementary information to the following mail:

EURADA members must apply before the given deadline. The jury will select the winners in their meeting established for mid-January. The Award Ceremony of the EUROPEAN DEVELOPMENT AGENCY OF THE YEAR 2018 will take place during the AGORADA annual meeting that will take place in Brussels next March 2019.

The jury will be composed by members of EURADA board of directors and well-known recognised experts on regional development. The jury will select one winner per category (or several winners if they consider it appropriate) based on the following criteria:

  • Novelty compared to current practices.
  • Potential impact.
  • Tranferability.

The award will contribute to identify new initiatives which have been put in practice by members of EURADA and other European Development Agencies. The applications from the winners and the finalist will be published to promote them as best practices. They will serve as examples for other European regional development agencies and practitioners.