From EURADA we wanted to share the new edition for our yearly awards. EURADA Awards consist in the search of best practices conducted by both Eurada members and non-members. These awards aim to recognize these good initiatives which can benefit both the region it was implemented in and any other European region. The deadline is on November 25th and awards will be granted during Agorada2020, the General Assembly of the European Association of Development Agencies (21st April 2020, Brussels), and the awarded Development Agencies will be invited to make a presentation.

The selection criteria for the best practices are the novelty compared to current practices, the potential impact within both members and non-members development agencies and the availability to diffuse or transfer action principles. Thus, the actions rewarded are a new organizational model for Development Agencies, the support to scaleup of companies and entrepreneurship, new topics or uses in the area of regional economic development and reinventing the development agencies.

Since 2015 many agencies have been recognized for their good implementations.

The first edition on 2015 the winner was East Netherlands Development Agency (Oost NL) for their Food Valley Ambassador Programme, which combined internationalisation, innovation support to local companies, talent attraction, and cooperation with universities and research organisations.

On 2016, the winner was Kainuun Etu from Kainuu, Finland, for their one-stop-shop service. The idea was a central management system that mobilises all the stakeholders that could satisfy the needs of the company. It was already a success in the time of the awarding because it had increased the customer base of the development agency by 300%.

On 2017 there were several awardees. From the members category, IDEPA and SODENA from Asturias and Navarra, Spain, respectively, won the award. IDEPA presented their initiative Open lnnovation 4.0, which allowed the acceleration and traction to the market of innovative young companies by the help of consolidated companies. SODENA was awarded for Orizont, the first leading agri-food accelerator created to promote research and innovation with an advanced financial instrument. From the non-members category, ASTER from Emilia-Romagna, Italy, presented their tool SPARK, which meant a new way to handle the relation between research and enterprises since it empowers researchers to seek ways of researching from a market point of view. Also, the Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region (RRA LUR) from Slovenia was recognized for the creation of the Regional Creative Economy Center (RCKE). It showed the importance of promoting the development of a cultural and creative sector based on expression of creativity, co-shaping and co-production with various partners and civil society.

On 2018, the awarded agency from the members category was East Marmara Development Agency (MARKA), Turkey, for their InnoTEAM programme. Their purpose was to raise awareness on innovation management among local businesses, pinpointing highly innovative business and helping them enhance their innovation management skills. As for the non-member category, there were two awardees. Firstly, Agence du Numérique from Belgium for their policy design of Digital Wallonia the digital strategy of the Walloon Government. They were able to create a single regional marketplace for the digitalisation and also developed a platform which brings all the local actors together. Secondly, CEAGA from Galicia, Spain, for their Business Factory Auto. This initiative is an example of collaboration with the objective of encouraging the growth of the business fabric, turning the whole of the Automotive Sector into a highly qualified job shuttle.

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