Eurada News nº404 – September 2020

Eurada Awards 2020

EURADA Awards help contribute to the sharing of European good practices and can inspire others to tackle a specific common problem. EURADA knows that peer learning is crucial for regional development and supports the European Commission’s drive to share practices and work together to learn from each other.

For the 6th year now, EURADA is organising its yearly Awards celebrating and recognise innovative best practices in regional development. Regional development agencies are encouraged to apply by the deadline on the 23rd of November 2020.

The Awards identify new developments introduced by development and innovation agencies in a regional scope, showcasing them for the benefit of all European regional economic practitioners.

There are four types of action which will be recognised by awards: new organisational model for development agencies; support given to the scaling-up of companies and entrepreneurship; research on new topics or new tools in the area of regional economic development; and re-inventing the development agencies. Three criteria will be considered: novelty compared to current practices; tangible impact (quantitative); and transferability. Applicants can only participate with one best practice.

We highly encourage any regional practitioner to consider taking part in EURADA Awards. For the sake of peer learning and dissemination of best practices, submit your application (see ‘More Information’).

The Awards are a great opportunity to gain knowledge of other great practices implemented by your peers, and mostly, show yours and disseminate them. These awards offer great recognition among the community of regional development practitioners because it is your regional development agency peers who will decide which best practice receives the award recognising the ‘Best Development Agency’.

About EURADA Awards

EURADA Awards have been celebrated for many years. Last year’s edition was a huge success, since over 25 agencies submitted their practices, being a very balanced edition regarding the participation of EURADA members and non-members, which helped a lot to see new paradigms across Europe. We are hoping this edition to be as successful.

The edition of 2019 met so many great practices that, apart from awarding two Best Development Agencies (one in the member category, one in the non-member), two more agencies were recognised for their commitment to excellence.

Example from 2019:

Best Development Agency of 2019 (ES): FUNDECYT-PCTEx. They submitted their best practice, a tool called Extremadura Open Innovation. Fundecyt-PCTEx’s tool brings innovation to rural areas. It allows the identification of specific challenges and opportunity sources for new ventures of tractor companies with difficult access to managing innovation processes.

Best Development Agency of 2019 (IT) : Sviluppo Marche Srl . They were awarded for their tool Transnational Innovation Voucher Scheme (INNOVOUCHER). INNOVOUCHER supports the transnational exchange of innovation services in Europe through a collaborative framework across the European Union. The innovation voucher scheme’s call offers SMEs and Start-ups a means to explore business opportunities or to solve innovation-related problems.

Special mention, committed to excellence: Oost NL. Osst NL’s tool – ROCKET – was launched under the Dutch-German Interreg 5a program. It supports consortia of SMEs of Dutch and German nationality to jointly develop new products using Key Enabling Technologies. It produced 6 feasibility studies, 11 cross-border innovation projects, more than €10 million in investments, over 40 prototypes of products engineered, several awards, and a stronger Dutch-German ecosystem for Key Enabling Technologies.

Special mention, committed to excellence: InnovationQuarter (NL). Innovation Quarter’s tool UNIIQ, won a special mention. The good practice is a joint effort between InnovationQuarter and regional universities. With UNIIQ, InnovationQuarter offers a combination of technical expertise (university-based) and market knowledge (RDA-based) to companies. Over 600 companies were approached in 2016, investing €10 million in 33 companies in a variety of sectors.

More information 

You can find all the necessary information about the EURADA Awards 2020 call here. You will also find there the past winners since 2015.

In case of doubt or wanting more information, you can refer to our colleague Roser TORRES through this address:

Written by Roser Torres, Project Officer at EURADA