Are social enterprises in your region lagging behind? Do you want to know how a regional programme can comprehensively boost their business and social impact capacities? The grant and development programme MarketMate carried out in 6 regions in Hungary delivered on that! Through MarketMate each 10th Hungarian social enterprise further professionalised and received grants to launch projects with both a strong business perspective and a wide social impact for local communities.

Would you like to see how this highly innovate programme works? EURADA developed a tool to help Regional Development Agencies and other organisations to understand how MarketMate works in just a glance. This tool is the EURADA’s canvas for best-practice transfer.

MarketMate was selected as one of the two outstanding best-practices of EURADA’s capitalisation work related to the three Interreg Europe Projects with EURADA’s involvement. EURADA and MarketMate experts agreed on a road map to facilitate you and your partners to acquire the know-how to transfer these best-practices to your region.

You can download the Canvas and the Information Package by the Best Practices section of our web.