Dear members and friends,

Please be aware that, despite the COVID-19 outbreak in Belgium, we are still fully operative and in good health. Following the recommendations of the Belgian authorities and the example of the EU institutions, our staff members started smart-working this week. That is to say, we are performing our activities remotely, from home, so as to carry on providing our services. You have our guarantee of continuity.

We are facing busy times in the secretariat of EURADA. According to estimates of the European Commission the economic growth of the entire EU will “most likely” fall below zero this year as a result of the unfolding crisis. Member States and the European Commission are implementing measures to tackle a potential crisis. At the same time, the EU Institutions are crafting the budget and programmes for the 2021-2027 period. We are in the last year of the current European programmes, which means that many of them will see a substantial increase in their annual budgets for open calls. For this reason, in EURADA we believe that this year will be crucial for our members, given the funding opportunities it will offer; this is why we want to be as active as possible and to assist you with whatever you may want support in. We are optimistic and will do our best to turn this challenging situation into an opportunity to increase cooperation across our distributed network.

Should you want to contact us, please reach out either to our office telephones (+32 22 87 08 32 / +32 2287 08 34 / +32 2287 08 35) or to the private mobile numbers of Esteban PELAYO (+32 483 37 80 08) and Giacomo FRISANCO (+32 478100426).