On 22.07 the EURADA delegation took part in a study visit in the framework of IN4WOOD project at CETEM. CETEM is a key Technology and Innovation Centre and Technology Transfer Office in the Murcia Region (Spain). During the study visit, we could visited the departments, service portfolio and ongoing projects and CETEM and exchanged with the staff innovation, development, Industry 4.0 and SMEs. In the afternoon, CETEM organised for the EURADA delegation a visit at the headquarter of FAMA, an innovative and successful medium-sized company specialised in interior furniture design and manufacturing. The bilateral meeting with the CEO of FAMA was very useful to better understand challenges of SMEs – e.g. innovation of production modalities, materials and training of staff – and the role RDAs can play to support economic development – e.g. funding new technologies, intelligence of new markets, grant giving for further expansion.

On 23.07 the EURADA delegation visited one of the member: The Instituto de Fomento de la Región de Murcia (INFO Murcia). Rafael Ataz, Head of the European Programmes Department, gave us a general overview of all the activities that the RDA carries out underlining that the main goal of the RDA is to boost SMEs innovation and their capacity to attract investments. For this reason, INFO created a special unit called UNAI (Investment Accelerator Unit) to welcome foreign investors and support them to establish new companies in Murcia. Antonio Romero, Head of Innovation and Competitiveness Unit, underlined that innovation is a key factor for INFO. In fact, INFO is an European leader on the innovation voucher program. There is a strong collaboration between the Innovation and the Internalization Departments, guided by María Jesús Cachorro Sánchez, who explained us that the main priority is to help the micro companies scale-up to become a medium enterprises. To this end, INFO established a strong partnership with the Murcia’s Chamber of Commerce.

In the afternoon, the EURADA delegation had a bilateral meeting with Francisco D. Gallego the CEO of REGENERA, a SME working on energy, industrial construction and hydraulic works. Mr Gallego gave us a comprehensive presentation of REGENERA’s business lines, services and innovation priorities. REGENERA is a highly innovative company that made it possible to share technological and business intelligence gathered at EU level among local and regional economic and development stakeholders. The impressive project portfolio of Regenera can help best understand how EU projects deliver on energy and environment management. Moreover, Francisco, stressed that  in the beginning of the companies scale up a few years ago Regenera’s involvement in EU funded projects was critical for their use and pursuit and acquisition of new knowledge in energy monitoring and management, which has subsequently gone on to advance the expansion of distinct company business lines.

The EURADA delegation is composed of Christopher McInnes, Project Officer, Tommaso Galli, Project Officer, and Giacomo Frisanco, Communication & Policy Officer.