In our efforts to spread out relations and sharing knowledge and good practices with new partners all around the world, we received on last Friday 11th of October the visit of the colleagues from the Korea Development InstituteSenior Fellow and Director of the Office of Global Economy, Cheonsik Woo and the research associates of the Office of Global Economy Minji Hong and Hye Min Yoon in order to help them with their study about the environment and challenges of socioeconomic policies related to the inclusive growth. We enjoyed a discussion about cooperation among the countries and regions of Europe, the evaluation of H2020 strategy, Smart Specialisation Strategies as one of the most ambitious policies in the world, the future of entrepreneurship and SMEs in the continent, the projects in which EURADA and its members are involved, and other important issues for the future of the European regions and Europe as a whole.

The Korea Development Institute is one of the most important development research centres in the world. Their researches and investigations could easily reach global echoes due to its important paper on Korean development. Some of their concerns about the future were related to the traditionally centralized administration of South Korea, but due to the new economic, social and societal challenges; they were so interested in knowing how different decentralization processes have occurred in the EU and how the regional development agencies work nowadays. Since 1991 they have initiated a way to increase the delegation of power to the regional governments, especially through the furthering of empowerment in terms of financial autonomy and competences.

We can safely say that this was a really fruitful and inspiring meeting which has widened our mind schemes in how different countries face the management of innovation, entrepreneurship and economic growth.