Launched in 2015, the first edition of EURADA’s summer course welcomed to the city of Brussels the active participation of young professionals eager to learn more about what they can do for the organisations and regional development agencies they represented. The event has since been an annual consolidate tradition for EURADA but for the first time since then, the fifth edition of the Summer Course was held online. 

The online three-day training was a free opportunity that gave participants a virtual immersion into the issues and projects relevant to regional development through the mentoring and practical approach of the speakers. These speakers were equipped with their expertise and experience in the field of regional development. They spoke on a variety of topics ranging from useful soft skills in managing European projects, to the aspects of project creation and management, as well as the process and technicalities involved in Horizon 2020 and Interreg projects. Ms. Agnes Monfret, head of communication at the Regional & Urban Policy department of the EU Commission, connected all the topics together and reiterated the importance of citizen involvement. 

The adversity brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic allowed EURADA to explore ways of continuing a tradition in a non-traditional way. The success and completion of this year’s Summer Course proved that trainings like these remain relevant and important in the field of regional development. As a result of this, a similar online approach is foreseen in the next edition of the Summer Course making the event more accessible to more participants from all over the world.

If you missed the opportunity to attend the event, do not worry, everything is recorded and have been uploaded to our website, just follow the next link: