Eurada News nº395 - December 2019

European Delegation in the IEDC's Annual Conference

Last October our president Roberta Dall’Olio and our colleague Estefanía López, along with representatives of RDAs from our network, travelled in representation of EURADA to the IEDC’s Annual Conference  that was held in Indianapolis. In this article you can know about their experience and next year’s edition of the Conference.

During the week from 12th to 17th of October took place in Indianapolis the International Economic Development Council’s (IEDC) Annual Conference, the largest yearly conference celebrated across the United States about economic development. 

The event features distinguished speakers, interactive sessions, networking events and educational tours. We could find a wide range of conferences to attend and take benefit from them to learn more about regional development policy. They were focused on topics that can help your business or your region to grow or to improve. Coming to these conferences can even make you discover matters of interest that one might have not think about previously: you never know where you can find new opportunities for your company or region! 

There was a large number of stands available to anyone who wanted to have a special position. They were in a big hall where the networking breaks took place and where the accreditation collection point was located. This placement allowed high visibility, due to many participants passing through there. 

Another strong point of the IEDC’s Annual Conference was the big possibilities of networking they offered, devoting a lot of time to them. This event offers many opportunities to those who are looking to expand their businesses beyond their own country’s borders. Attendants can create links with agents across the world who go every year looking for new partnerships and new possibilities.

One of the most important topics we got insight in thanks to attending this conference was the idea of professionalizing the profession of Economic Developers. A certificate is given by the IEDC, and nowadays there are more than 1.110 Certified Economic Developers, making the IEDC’s certification program the industry gold standard for excellence in the profession. 

The Certified Economic Developers (CED) exam intends to unite the field by establishing a baseline of core knowledge for economic development professionals. By offering this increasingly demanded and comprehensive designation, IEDC strives to promote the status and credibility, as well as enhance the knowledge and performance of economic developers. 

The IEDC has developed a process to prepare professionals to take the CED examination that combines experience, professional development activities and preparation. The requirements to take the exam are: 

  • Experience as an economic development practitioner; 
  • Professional development activity. 

On the other hand, due to the success and the great opportunity it represents, this conference is held every year. Next year, the headquarters will be in Dallas and the event will be for sure one of those not to be missed. Once again, many great speakers will be there, many networking events will be organised, and a huge number of activities will be conducted with a fundamental objective: to enhance regional development. 

That annual conference in Dallas will take place on 11th-14th October 2020, in the Hilton Anatole Hotel. If you are a one of our members and want to join this conference, EURADA will contribute paying your registration. 

It is part of EURADA’s character to believe in union and cooperation. This is the reason why next year we will have a delegation in Dallas once again. We want to reinforce the relationship between Europe and the United States because we believe that unity means strength. We have to learn from the richness of diversity, benefiting from acquiring new knowledge and exchanging best practices. We all have the same objective: regional development through the growth of our enterprises. Our mission is to boost their internationalization and to consolidate their competitiveness, both domestically and internationally, so that attending an intercontinental event plenty of possibilities is a very interesting and recommended opportunity.             

Written by Estefanía López, Project Officer at EURADA