We would like to share with you a survey about the upcoming Industrial Modernisation Observatory, please follow the link here: https://chkmkt.com/IndustrialModernisation. This is a new project for the European Commission DG GROW that will merge the activities of the KETs Observatory and the Digital Transformation Monitor with the aim of creating a new Industrial Modernisation Observatory.

The European Commission is currently developing this new project to improve the analysis and systematic monitoring of industrial modernisation and advanced technologies in Europe. The purpose of this project is to provide users with statistics and key performance indicators in the subject, as well as with analytical reports such as on technological trends in specific countries or sectors. It also aims to do an analysis of industrial value chains and to allow the access to technology centres and innovation hubs across EU countries.

Results of the survey will be extremely useful to better tailor the upcoming monitor regarding to your needs, providing a high-value input that will shape the development of this new European project. In addition, the survey will be complemented with a series of interviews and focus groups in order to assess the user needs. Do not hesitate to ask for more information if you are willing to know more.