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EWRC – Cultural Heritage: part of the past or key to our future?

This workshop – a EURADA contribution to the European Week of Regions and Cities – aims to demonstrate the important role played by historical cities in achieving the objectives of the European Green Deal. It will include a presentation by EURADA member DURA about a green initiative in Dubrovnik. It will also include POCITYF, a Horizon 2020 project EURADA works on. Otherwise, Europa Nostra will talk about their European Heritage Green Paper currently under development in cooperation with ICOMOS. Registration for this event is open until the 7th of October, to register click here

Online, 13 October 2020

Building Skills for the Future Economy​

As part of the ErasmusDays 2020 event, the webinar will highlight several of the projects EURADA and its network and partners are involved in. These projects all contribute to a more skilled workforce and/or the recognition of skills across national borders (within and sometimes even beyond the EU). As the European Association of Development Agencies, we believe upskilling citizens from across Europe is key to ensure a thriving, resilient and sustainable European economy, now and in the years to come. To register click here.

Online, 15 October 2020


During the event, the new financing instruments for the European economy recovery will be under discussion in order to push the Regional Development Agencies to boost new ways of funding that allow the different actors to tackle the challenge of the COVID-19 and its harmful effects on the economy. The event aims to gather public authorities, regional development agencies and financing institutions to design a useful financial toolkit.

Agorada+2020 will aim at giving visibility at European level to the needs of regional innovation financing policies; leading the position in this area in the new scenario 2021-2027 and the post-covid European situation, and aligning public policies, by reviewing European strategies linked to the financing of business growth and innovation.


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Past EURADA events

International trade for Economic RecoveryOnline, 1 October. The speakers presented the latest news on internationalisation tools and their personal experiences, providing tips and advices regarding mechanisms of support for companies involved in an internationalisation process as a mean of economic recovery.

Growing Europe: Boosting migrant entrepreneurship networks – Online, 3, 10, 17 & 24 September. The event has been held online and spread throughout the month of September in the form of online conferences that took place every Thursday. Each of the conferences addressed a different subject regardin the topic of migrant entrepreneurship. These subjects included the importance of migrant entrepreneurs, needs and support to migrant entrepreneurs, inclusive entrepreneurship, and the future and potential of migrant entrepreneurship.

REBORN High Dissemination EventOnline, 15 September. The online event presented the implementation results of the Interreg Europe project REBORN in partner regions. A resume of the Regional Action Plans on re-entrepreneurship has been shown, as well as the goals achieved and the difficulties incurred.

Smart Specialisation Week – Online, 7-11 September. The five-day event has been organised in collaboration with the European Commission and the European Clusters Alliance, with the support of the European Cluster Collaboration Platform.  As the regional dimension will play an important role for the economic recovery in Europe, the Smart Specialisation Strategies have been presented and analysed to offer examples and good practices on how European institutions, regional authorities, and clusters can successfully collaborate and implement the available policy instruments.

Brokerage for Innovation Agencies: In EURADA premises – Rue Montoyer 24, 1000 Brussels, January 30th. The fifth edition of this brokerage event aimed to gather experts on the field of innovation to share best practices, to find new partners for ongoing or future proposals and to learn from each other. During the conference, experts from the European Commission presented and explained calls and initiatives for innovation agencies. Registration here.

ESSPO Online conference: Online Webinar – GoToWebinar, June 29th. The conference took place under the frame of the project ESSPO, the objective of the conference was to show the wider audience (authorities and agencies running SME support programs) how the results of ESSPO may be used in the challenging new reality expected in the post-COVID era.

EURADA Summer Course 2020: Online Webinar – GoToWebinar, July 1st-3rd. It was an excellent learning experience to help professionals acquire knowledge, valuable contacts and skills to prepare high-quality project proposals for their regional development agencies (RDAs). The proposal and management of European projects was the main topic of the conference.

Green companies for green regions and green cities: Online Workshop – GoToWebinar, July 15th. It was held under the framework of the XPRESS project and aimed to jointly discuss and find solutions concerning: a) EU and Belgian procurement rules, with emphasis on the terms and conditions for innovative GPP; b) latest international research on green supply; c) barriers and solutions for regional and public authorities involved/interested in GPP, and d) barriers and solutions for SMEs involved/interested in GPP.

How the creative, cultural & digital industries can lead the new post-COVID innovation economy: Online Workshop – Zoom, May 14th. The Webinar, co-organised with Artisans of Innovation, aimed to give some insights about the development of the creative industries in a changing environment such as the post-covid19 one. During a one-hour session, we had the opportunity to hear the first-hand experience of experts as Johanna Suo, Dr Khawar Hameed and Peter Rudge. You can watch the recorded Weibar here.

Innov-AL Webinars on economic dynamisation post-Covid19: Under the frame of the Innov-AL programme, that aims to boost the collaboration between European and Latin American regions, a series of Webinars took place during the months of June and July. These Webinars were addressed to regional authorities and practitioners of Latin American regions and carried out by their peers in Europe, showcasing the policies and initiatives taken to tackle the Covid-19 harmful effects on the local economy.

Techmeter Regional Analyzer: Online Webinar – Cisco Webex, July 22nd. Dr Manfred Stadlbauer presented the Big Data tool developed by its team to help Regional Development Agencies assess their Smart Specialisation strategy, benchmark it against that of other innovation ecosystems and receive customized recommendations to improve the indicators that don’t meet the expectations.

Summer Course “Preparation of European projects”: In Brussels from July 2nd to 4th with the participation as speakers of experienced experts already retired from agencies and responsible for EU projects in development agencies.

Segmentation Workshop: In Brussels,  14th June, to discuss how to improve SME Segmentation and Innovation Support.

Brokerage Event for Innovation Agencies: 24th of January,  a practical event to support the preparation of new project proposals and the exploitation of research results. This event gathered more than 75 representatives from agencies. It was co-organised with IVACE and INFO Murcia in close cooperation with DG GROW and ERRIN within the EU Industry Week.

Workshop about successful examples of cooperation in regional and local development: 5th of February, to showcase the institutional capacities on economic development projects carried out by local and regional governments at subnational level. There are good examples that provide inspiration and possibilities of cooperation with countries outside the EU. The workshop provideed an overview of practical lessons showcasing how you could establish partnerships outside the EU.

Agorada2019 “Exploiting the full potential of social enterprises”: in Brussels on 26th and 27th of March. The event was organised in cooperation with the social economy partnership of the industrial modernisation platform and the SocialSeeds Interreg Europe project.

Agorada+2019 “Innovative Defence Technologies for the Defence Battlefield”: in Kajaani (Finland), 17-19 September. The conference was organised by the regional development agency Kainuun Eut, DG GROW, the Association of Finnish Aerospace and Defence Industries (AFDA) and EURADA.

Building Scotland’s Future – Inclusive Growth for Europe: In the EURADA premises (Brussels), 8 October, in the framework of the European Week of Regions and Cities. It will be organised by EURADA alongside Scotland Europa and will offer an insight into regional development in Scotland with the introduction of the new agency, the South of Scotland Enterprise Agency.

International Economic Development Council’s Annual Conference: In Indianapolis (USA), 13-16 October. IEDC’s Annual Conference is the largest yearly gathering of economic development professionals from across the country and around the world. The conference features distinguished keynote speakers, dozens of interactive sessions led by industry experts, networking events, and educational tours. EURADA will lead an European delegation of Development Agencies that will participate in the congress.

In4Wood Final Conference: In the Eurada Premises (Brussels), 30 October. The final conference of the Erasmus+ IN4WOOD project pursues a clear mission: to take up the challenge of the Industry 4.0 (I4.0) by gathering in one place entrepreneurs, researchers, technology experts and regional and EU officers.

Dual-Use Research and Innovation 2019: In Seville (Spain), 20 November. This conference organised by the Junta de Andalucía, the Enterprise Europe Network and Ceseand aims to explore the opportunities for boosting the space industry in the European regions, offering a global view of the current opportunities, funding sources and instruments available in the field of space as a dual use domain.

Brokerage Event for Innovation Agencies – 23rd of January
Agorada – 20th of June
Summer Course – 2nd-4th of July
Cohesion Policy Meets Social Enterprises – 11th of October