Are you interested in innovative financing solutions for migrant entrepreneurs? Then, the 20th June, at the premises of the Hague University of Applied Sciences, in the Hague, you have the chance to meet others who might inspire you, or with whom you want to cooperate. Or just listen and reflect.

An event without long speeches… instead brief, thought provoking talks, a thriving market where innovations are shown, pitches, interactive workshops, debates, and inspiring encounters. With others exploring how best access to finance for migrant entrepreneurs can be ensures. Will that be by focused information, new teaching methods, by crowd advising, or through migrant orations, or by offering tailor made financial services? Will blockchain technology and Fintech offer new opportunities? Do we really need to develop special programmes?

The aim of the event organized by EMEN (European Migrant Entrepreneurship Network) is to try to give some answers to questions such as: Are starting migrant entrepreneurs really that different from native entrepreneurs (or entrepreneurs without a migrant background)? Do we need to treat them as a special target group? Do we have to set up special schemes to finance their new businesses? Businesses that for sure will be helpful to them to participate in society, to break out of exclusion, to add value to society. Or do they also have their own ways of mobilising finance?

Here you can find the draft programme.

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