Eurada News nº404 – September 2020

Aitor Urzelai, General Director of SPRI

The Basque Regional Government has named Aitor Urzelai as General Director of SPRI Group. 

Aitor Urzelai has been appointed as the new General Director of the SPRI Group. This decision was taken by the Basque Regional Government, where he was developing his activities until this recent designation. Aitor has a wide professional experience, being a specialist in topics such as innovation or digitalisation. For the past 7 years, since 2013, Aitor was a part of the Economic Development, Sustainability and Environment department of the Basque Government; more specifically, being the Director of Entrepreneurialism, Innovation and Information Society. Furthermore, he holds a PhD in Economics and Enterprises Management.

With this nomination, Aitor Urzelai substitutes Alexander Arriola, the former General Director, who is now returning to the private sector. Aitor and Alexander have collaborated very closely over the past years, as they jointly worked on the launch of several strategies and programmes of great relevance for the Basque business fabric, such as Basque Industry 4.0, or the Basque Research & Technology Alliance, among others.

This change in the direction of the Agency has coincided with the sensible moment the world economy is in. Due to the economic crisis, organisations as SPRI become vital for companies and SMEs to survive and maintain their activities.

Grupo SPRI

The Basque Country has always had a special relevance within Spain regarding the industrialisation, as it is one of the top regions in the country for this matter. SPRI is the regional development agency of the Basque Government, and it is dependent of the economic development department. With SPRI, the regional Government has a useful mechanism to promote and support Basque companies with their development and competitiveness.

SPRI has a wide variety of plans and programmes addressed to companies and supports them in eight strategic areas: 4.0 Industry, internationalisation, entrepreneurship, technology, cybersecurity, investment attraction, Information society and innovation.

From EURADA we wish Aitor great success in his new role, and we hope the relation between Grupo SPRI and EURADA continues to prosper.

Written by Alberto Soria, Project Officer at EURADA