The REBORN partnership is organizing its High Dissemination Event: A new challenge for restarter entrepreneurs. Second-chance Entrepreneurship Policies applicable for EU member states. The event will take place online via Zoom, as well as possibly in the European Association of Development Agencies (EURADA) premises. The objective of this meeting is to present the results of the implementation of the project in partner regions.   

The REBORN project has been the perfect tool to assist its partner’s regions (Liguria, Murcia, Wallonia, Central Hungary and Lubelskie) in strengthening policies and regional development. By implementing plans to support “restarters”, better use of ERDF and other complementary funds is observed as its efforts are aligned with a shared goal. 

Through the implementation of the project activities, regions involved have increased European competitiveness and accelerated regional economic growth thanks to the improvement of their policy instruments linked to entrepreneurship and business creation support. SMEs have been assisted in all stages of their life cycle, including measures to avoid the “lost entrepreneurship potential” and increasing of their capacity grow in regional, national and international markets.  

The upcoming event will present a resume of the Regional Action Plans on re-entrepreneurship, the goals achieved and difficulties experienced during the execution of actions to support re-entrepreneurship and the elimination of the stigmatisation of failure.  

Moreover, the theme of exploitation of synergies in European policies on second-chance entrepreneurship support will be tackled with the participation of the stakeholders of each region involved in the project, highlighting the European best practices selected by the project consortium.  

The event will conclude with an overview of the past 4 years of the project, offering EU regions the opportunity to learn from the process of good practices transfer and the improved policies in the field of second-chance entrepreneurship.  

To participate in the event, please register here