We kindly invite you to participate in the next Agorada+ that will take place this year in Izmir (Turkey) organized by Izmir Development Agency (IZKA).

This year’s Agorada+ will address the topic of Industry 4.0. and its relation with eco-efficiency. The focus is on environmental protection and competitiveness. Agorada+ conference is a unique opportunity to bring a new frame of reference in the perception of industry 4.0 for development agencies. It will also be an excellent occasion to broaden your network and exchange visions about industry 4.0 and eco-efficiency with the participants and speakers.

Additionally, different networking and recreational activities will be organized to discover and enjoy Izmir, the third biggest city in Turkey with a prime location by the Aegean coast. Do not miss the chance to attend and benefit from the expertise of the major experts in the field.

More information regarding the programme and registration will follow soon.