We are proud to welcome two new members to our network. The “Southeastern Anatolia Project Regional Development Administration (GAP)” and the “Northeast Anatolia Development Agency (KUDAKA)” have recently joined our ranks.

The Southeastern Anatolia Project (known with the Turkish acronym GAP) is a major and comprehensive initiative that gives brand to Turkey in the international arena. They aim at improving the income level and life quality of people living in the region, reducing regional disparities and contributing to the country’s economic and social development by mobilising and utilising the resources of the region.

KUDAKA, the Northeast Anatolia Development Agency are responsible for TRA1 Nuts 2 Zone which is composed of Erzurum, Erzincan and Bayburt provinces, and provide technical support to the planning studies of local authorities. They play a crucial role in the improvement of the region’s capacity concerning the rural and local development, among many other tasks.

Both RDAs are open to new projects and cooperation proposals with other EURADA members. If you would like to get in touch with them, please contact Lami HAYIRLI for GAP (lamih@gap.gov.tr) and Ozan Gündüz for KUDAKA (Ozan.GUNDUZ@kudaka.org.tr).