The Project SCREEN is a regional transnational cooperation project that develops a common pot to provide funds to research and innovation projects in the field of circular economy.

That is done by using the “seal of excellence” within the context of their Smart Specialization Strategies and through the identification and implementation of operational synergies between R&I investments from H2020 ESIF. This way, it contributes to novel future eco-innovative and horizontal business models across different value chains.

The project is open to regional authorities wishing to get policy support advisory services to enable regions to invest EU funds in trans-national value chain that will be identified and ranked by adopting common criteria. Thanks to the high transferability of the SCREEN results, several current barriers to trans-national synergic approach will be bridged, thus leading to faster and better planned use of EU funds, according to the objectives and targets of the European Union.

You can check out the video they prepared explaining it below.

EURADA is part of the advisory board of the SCREEN project. There are several Eurada members active as partners in the SCREEN project such as: Agence Regionale de Developpement d’investissement et d’innovation (NEXA), ADR Nord-Est and SODENA.