We just had the opportunity to listen to the first presentation of the future of Smart Specialisation during the final conference of the Thinking Smart EU project supported by the Erasmus + programme.

Mr Peter Berkowitzi from DG Regio has made a specific call for stakeholders, Higher Education Institutions and Development Agencies to co-create the future of the RIS3 for the implementation of the proposal done by the European Commission.

The new Smart Specialisation will be an Enabling Condition that will produce an update of the strategies, increase the ownership and reinforce the monitoring and evaluation. It will empower the Entrepreneurial Discovery Process as a ongoing tool to continuously adapt the strategies and the new generation of Smart Specialisation Strategies will provide stronger linkages of national and regional strategies.

As innovative aspects of the regulation for the next programming period 2021-2027, the RIS3 will focus on industrial transition, will provide an important role to the skills development and will have specific provisions to help internationalisation outside the EU.