Martina MARTINEZ – H2020 Programme Officer / SOST-CDTI: Horizon Europe is the next €100 billion research & innovation framework programme (2021-2027) that will come after Horizon 2020. It is structured around 3 pillars: Open science, Global challenges and industrial competitiveness, and Open innovation.
Programme’s Main Objectives:

  • Strengthening links between EU’s scientific and technological bases.
  • Boosting European innovation capacities, more competitiveness and jobs.
  • Delivering on citizens’ priorities & sustaining socio-economic models and values.

*Note: €4,1 billion are allocated for European Defence Fund*.

Adoption timeline: In June 2018 the EC adopted its proposal for Horizon Europe; the Council and EP negotiate and then adopt the programme likely by EP elections 2019; launch programme January 2021.

To read: “MISSIONS. A problem-solving approach to fuel innovation-led growth” by Professor Mariana MAZZUCATO.


Professor MAZZUCATO was Special Advisor on Mission-driven Science and Innovation to the EC.


David WALBURN – Already CEO Greater London Enterprise and President of EURADA.

Tips & Hints on EU project management:

  • Partnerships build on members, never compromise on quality of members.
  • Financial planning and costing should be properly done to ensure stability throughout the project cycle. Never make mistakes on that.
  • Crystal-clear explanation of inputs, outcomes and expected results are dramatically important in the evaluation of a project proposal.
  • Organisations’ management should understand the complexity of working with the EC as well as senior officials of the own organisation, especially in case diverging expectations arise.
  • Through projects successfully carried out your organisation will improve its reputation, that may help in the middle- and long term.
  • And last but not least, despite all the difficulties of bureaucratic, language barriers, finance complexity, European projects are extremely rewarding professionally as well as personally. Friendships beyond borders are always an-added value.