Carolina ARRIAGADA – Cities & Collaboration: Presentation on clients’ segmentation in RDAs and why it really matters. Segmentation brings direction, coherence, stronger governance, focus, higher ROI, a future, a story… You segment to deliver RESULTS. Research results show that at the beginning of 2000, only 60% of RDAs segmented, while nowadays it’s around 70%.
How to best segment? Various explanatory models are given: It’s up to you to find the best one for your RDA and the relevant economic ecosystem you operate in!
– Segmentation UNCTAD model is structured around macro-areas: administration, operational and strategic services for clients in relation to short, medium and long-term perspectives.

– Amazon model: attractability (what are you willing to pay) & desirability (what benefits at stake?) formula. If a company X wants to expand, how and to what extent can the RDA Y incentivise it?

-Company Growth Stage Formula: 1) Helping SMEs to define their Value Proposition; 2) Mandate: Helping SMEs to perform better in their business sector; 3) Helping SMEs to make the right Choice of Future also investing in new sectors & areas.
– Niche Segmentation Formula: Segmentation is based on: Stock (companies); Guidelines funder/board; Availability of resources; Capacity to mobility, these key elements should guide a successful segmentation. And last but not least: – Influence & Investment Formula.

PARTICIPATION IN “Accelerating disruptive innovation in Europe SME Instrument Impact Report 2018” organised by IGLO OPEN ENEA & SOST.

Agnieszka STASIAKOWSJA – EASME: Welcome to the innovation Kitchen, an initiative of the EC. This is an equity free investment structured around 2 phases to support high-risk, high-potential SMEs. Who should apply? SMES with a radically new idea & ambitions to scale up.

Feasibility study

– Phase 1: projects receive a lump sum of €50 000 and should last 6 months AND

– Phase 2: “From concept to market” to develop the business concept further into a market-ready product, service or process aligned with the company’s growth strategy, to this end projects receive € 0.5 – € 2.5 million.
The whole range of industry sectors are targeted by this initiative, 47000 application forms have been sent and 3200 companies supported so far in over European 37 countries.
Next cut-off dates to APPLY for the Phase 1: 05 September 2018 and 07 November 2018!
The presentation was followed by a round table discussion with: Esteban PELAYO (EURADA); Catherine EGINARD (EASME – EC); Robert KALUZA (Co-founder of “Billion” fintech blockchain); Michele MALVESTITI (Confindustria Bruxelles Office); Evelyn SMITH (Enterprise Ireland) and Sonja HAERTEL (Berlin’s Liason Office to the EU).