inDemand has just launched inDemand Community, a H2020 project supported by the European Commission that offers a new model where Healthcare organizations and companies co-create Digital Health solutions, with the economic support of public regional funds. You can apply for this call until the 31st of August by filling the following application form.

Regions must apply through a Consortium integrated by three different stakeholders: one challenger, one funder and one supporter. A webinar with all the information regarding this project was held the past 11th of June; you can access the material by clicking this link.

You should also bear in mind that extra support is offered to early-interested candidate regions. By sending this document to before the 31st of July, you will be given important feedback about what should be improved in the final draft that has to be sent by the 31st of August.

The leading partner of this project is Ticbiomed, a private non-for-profit business association located in Murcia, Spain, that delivers valueable eHealth business support across Europe.

If you need more information about this project, please check inDemand Community´s official site.