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We are pleased to announce a call for expressions of interest amongst EU Regions. The call aims to identify EU Regions that want to seize new business and innovation opportunities by collaborating in a pairing action with selected regions in Latin America (LA).

Overall, twenty LA regions will be selected during the course of the next year. Once these are selected, a specific call customised for each LA region will be launched in Europe via the websites of EURADA and the IUC-LAC Project.

Ultimately, EU regions selected to pair with specific LA regions can expect to advance the design or implementation of a RIS3 and to develop a joint agreement that shall lead to new business opportunities.

This call for expressions of interest takes place within the EU Programme “International Urban Cooperation: Sustainable and Innovative Cities and Regions – Regional Action Latin America and the Caribbean” (IUC-LAC), funded by the European Union through its Foreign Policy Instrument (FPI).

The EU IUC-LAC Project supports the realisation of EU policy objectives in areas including climate change and the external dimension of the EU’s growth strategy “Europe 2020”. The latter is to be achieved through EU-LAC region-to-region cooperation on innovation for local and regional development.

As previously mentioned, twenty LA regions shall be selected in six LA countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru. The EU is looking to select the same number of EU regions to match and carry out pairings with selected LA Regions.

The assessment of EU Regions with an interest to collaborate in a pairing action with each LA region selected will be carried out by the European Commission. Assessment will be based on the following criteria:

  • The EU region is able to collaborate with the LA counterpart to further develop an innovation strategy based on a clear understanding of its challenges and opportunities.
  • The EU region is likely to leverage new joint projects from pairing with this LA region.
  • The EU region has the potential to develop new business opportunities with this pairing.

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