The aim of this project is to establish industry-driven initiatives that respond to the underlying principles of smart specialisation. As such ReConfirms needs to identify very specific and focused initiatives that point companies to market opportunities, ideas about how to respond to future challenges and access to investors and finance.


Existing information needs to be re-packaged and re-aligned to increase its effectiveness and create the necessary synergies. ReConfirm will make optimal use of the wide array of existing initiatives, strategies and programmes and build on available knowledge and networks.


ReConfirm will roll out a three-pronged mobilisation approach which has EU28-wide coverage, namely through: Business advisors through the European Business Network;  Regional development agencies through the EURADA network; and strong and dynamic clusters through the European Cluster Cooperation Network.

Support is provided to European regions and industrial stakeholders to connect, form partnerships and reach agreements to cooperate and modernise industry together.

The support provided includes:

  • Mapping papers: to provide structured analysis of partnerships;
  • Collaboration LABs: to agree strategic and operational partnership elements;
  • Strategic workshops: to help identifying and involving additional potential partners, build concrete co-investment ideas and develop a roadmap towards a final agreement;

For more information about the support provided to the partnerships, please check out this brochure.