Peer review of the Smart Specialisation Strategy

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In the framework of the Interreg Europe project Beyond EDP, there will be a Peer Review taking place in the Lodzkie Region (Poland). In this event, the regional stakeholders will present their views and good practices in their respective fields, and share their experiences in the implementation of Smart Specialisation. There will be a delegation of experts from development agencies (as stakeholders of EURADA in the project), that will provide advice to the Lodzkie Marshall office and its stakeholders to improve their regional smart specialization strategy. During the two days’ workshop combined with field visits, participants will understand how Lodzkie has worked with the development of the strategy. There will be presentations to describe questions that connect the importance of the strategy ahead, and what it could mean for the future and the industrial development in Lodzkie. Furthermore, there will be a detailed description of each smart specialization area and a detailed analysis about how the Entrepreneurial Discovery Process is being implemented.