Samedi 28 Novembre 2015
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Christian and Esteban met with representatives of Local Enterprise Agencies from the French department of Seine et Marne to discuss how the proximology concept promoted by EURADA since several years can be implemented locally and how the results of this type of initiative can be disseminated.
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Réflexions sur les stratégies régionales

Je me demande comment il est possible qu'en 2015, après plus de 25 années de Politique Régionale basée sur quatre exercices de programmation pluriannuelle, des consultants de renom tels que ...

Christian's last presentation as director of EURADA Imprimer
On the 25th of November Christian Saublens made his last presentation as director of EURADA. He shared his insights on Smart Specialisation Strategies and the approaches and tools with the attendants of the International IMP3rove Roundtable on "Fostering Cohesion with Innovation" in Düsseldorf.

You can download Christian's presentation here. alt