Mardi 21 Octobre 2014
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Did fast growing enterprises (gazelles) of Central and Eastern Europe participate in FP7 projects 

Written by Michela Bugiolacchio and Tessa Anné

According to DG Research databases of SMEs involved in FP7 collaborative research projects,
1028 SMEs from EU13 countries have got a grant from the EU.
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Espoir pour l'avenir des stratégies UE

Plus le temps passe et plus j'observe que les stratégies les mieux intentionnées et les mieux formulées sur papier ne sont pas mises en oeuvre de manière fructueuse car elles ...

Federación de Agencias de Desarrollo de la República Argenti Imprimer
Federación de Agencias de Desarrollo de la República Argentina – FADELRA

On the 20th of March 2014 accredited representatives of nearly thirty development agencies from Argentina met in the city of Rosario, in order to establish the Federation of Development Agencies of Argentina – FADELRA.

This Federation will allow all RDAs of Argentina to connect, whilst creating an institutional space for public and private consultation in order to boost economic, environmental and social development on regional, sectoral and national levels.

For the first period were elected: Mr. Carlos Candiani from ADEC Cordoba as President, Mr. José María Parra of IDEB Center MORON as Secretary and the representative of the RIO IV for Local and Regional Development Foundation as Treasurer.

The 14th and 15th of August were the first working days of FADELRA. The main objective of this meeting was to set agendas that enable the enrichment of the institutional framework of each agency, and thus helping to strengthen each territory with its implementation and use . These days also offered an interesting opportunity to share, exchange and enrich knowledge and experiences of colleagues from different institutions from all over Argentina.

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