Tuesday, February 09, 2016
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Christian and Esteban met with representatives of Local Enterprise Agencies from the French department of Seine et Marne to discuss how the proximology concept promoted by EURADA since several years can be implemented locally and how the results of this type of initiative can be disseminated.

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Some thoughts on regional strategies and

I wonder how it is possible that in 2015, after more than 25 years of Regional Policy based on four multiannual programming exercises, well know consultants such as the Fraunhoffer ...

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24 February: Brokerage Event on EU project ideas for regional development agencies 

Are you looking for partners to participate in common EU projects? Next February 24th we organise in Brussels a brokerage event to discuss new project ideas and to identify suitable partners among Eurada members.

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25 February: Workshop Big Data Mining for Economic Development in the framework of the SmartSpec project

Accurate data are needed for the formulation, monitoring and evaluation of regional strategies for smart specialisation. This workshop will give regional practitioners the opportunity to discover new reliable sources of information. They will find alternative sources for obtaining professional information on foreign direct investment, innovation, international trade, equity, etc... These will help regional governments to better monitor their economic position and will contribute to have place-based regional development strategies.

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