International Trade for economic recovery


Once again, in continuation with our commitment to provide you with relevant and useful information, EURADA is organising a new online meeting. This time, the main topic addressed will be International trade for economic recovery. The session will be particularly focused on experiences, good practices, opportunities, and tools that will be helpful for your region’s SMEs – according to the European Commission, SMEs represent 87% of all EU exporting companies – with their internationalisation goals.

Given the situation in which we currently are, many companies, Small and Medium enterprises particularly, have to face multiple issues when it comes to find an adequate demand for the goods they produce. National markets have slowed down their activity, and the purchasing of goods and services is minimal when compared to pre-Covid times. Is in this scenario where internationalisation and trade play a vital role; the opening of new markets, the possibility of exporting goods and the capacity of investing in foreign countries help companies not only to survive and keep their activity alive, but also to improve their competitiveness and develop their business, this is, in the end, building resilience. It is important to point out that when speaking about internationalisation and trade, we are not making reference just to the commercial activity outside the European borders, but also within the internal market.

Information about the event

The event will take place on the 1st of October, Thursday, at 10.30 AM, and will be 90 minutes in length, during which, our speakers will present the latest news on internationalisation tools, their personal experiences, and will provide you with tips and advices regarding mechanisms of support for companies involved in an internationalisation process as a mean of economic recovery.

The way in which regional development agencies help companies to create, implement and maintain an internationalisation plan will also be in the scope of the meeting. The support provided by such entities currently is as relevant as it has ever been, propitiated, as mentioned by the economic crisis we are in.

After the presentations take place, you will be able to participate in a debate, having the chance of pointing out all those issues or matters about which you are interested the most. Or asking those questions that may arise during the presentations turn.

We will be glad to count with experts coming from all across the continent, representing some of the various actors that have already been mentioned: SMEs associations and RDAs are just an example of it. Besides, a representative of the project InterVentures will describe how this project is assisting all the regions subscribed to the partnership and ultimately, the SMEs ecosystem in said territories.



Thursday 1st October 2020 – from 10h30 to 12h00

10h30-10h40 – Presentation & Introduction

10h40-10h50 – Christos Skouras (Enterprise Greece)

10h50-11h00 – Amna Potočnik (Maribor Development Agency)

11h00-11h10 – Annika Jaansoo (InterVentures project, AEBR)

11h10-11h20 – Martín Guillermo (AEBR)

11h20-11h50 – Debate / Q & A. Moderated by Ivana Rae Almora

11h50-12h00 – Farewell + closing statement


Martín Guillermo
Martín GuillermoSecretary General at AEBR - AGEG - ARFE
Annika Jaansoo
Annika JaansooResearcher in University of Twente
Amna Potočnik
Amna PotočnikHead of International Cooperation Department at Maribor Development Agency
Christos Skouras
Christos SkourasDirector of International and Institutional Affairs at Enterprise Greece