Our members from IZKA, the Development Agency of İzmir (Turkey), have announced an open tender to develop İzmir´s Smart Specialization Strategy And Action Plan (İZS3) Preparation Service Procurement. It aims to specialise in areas in which İzmir has competitive advantage and to develop the competitive capacity of the region in line with R&D and innovation. It will start next 11 of March at 14:00 and will last for 11 months. You can access their web site for more information or contact IZKA directly by e-mail or by phone (+90 232 489 81 81).

They are seeking for consortiums formed by at least one national and one foreign company or institution, and the consortium´s coordinator must have experience in preparing a smart specialization strategy. The validity period of the bids must be at least 60 days from the date of the tender, and bidders are required to provide a bid bond of at least 3% of the bid price for the work subject to tender.

Bids may be handed directly at İzmir Development Agency´s premises or sent via registered mail or cargo. You should note that bidders are required to purchase a tender dossier for €100, that will be sent via e-mail once the bidder fills the Tender Dossier Request Form and sends it together with the tender document purchase payment to IZKA´s email.