EURADA took part in the kick-off meeting of the Erasmus+ project (KA2) titled U-ECO at the co-working space STPLN in Malmö (Sweden) on 7th and 8th of November 2019. The project consortium includes partners from Belgium, Spain, Sweden, Poland and Romania, namely: EURADA, SwIdeas, DEFOIN, CPIP, BIOAZUL and ARID.  U-ECO aims to foster transition from linear to circular economy in Europe by further developing skills and competences and training schemes and business models to facilitate entrepreneurs to exploit opportunities of circular economy. Circular economy is a key pillar of the EU Sustainable Development Strategy and is rapidly positioning as a viable practical alternative to the linear economic model, therefore capturing attention of business leaders and governments.

The European Commission launched by 2015 an EU Action Plan to promote EU’s transition to circular economy with a support of 650M€ for Horizon2020 and EUR 5,5B€ for Structural Funds. Circular economy not only implies more efficient use of resources, but jobs creation, sustainable economic growth, competitiveness increase, a wide range of business models’ opportunities and big efficiency gains. EURADA will take up various tasks for the implementation of this project, among the other a final event in Brussels upon the project completion, whereby the project results will be showcased and disseminated to relevant European stakeholders to ensure a further exploitation. The project is indeed very promising as the project partners brought together: SMEs experts on circular economy, adults and vocational education organisations who constitute a comprehensive partnership with extensive experience on developing innovative sustainable solutions related to circular economy. As EURADA, we will make our best to help development agencies and companies benefit the most from the U-ECO project. Stay tuned to follow the project developments and gain relevant knowledge about innovative practices to strengthen circular economy!

Please do not hesitate to reach out to the EURADA staff responsible for the project U-ECO: Tessa ANNÉ  and Tommaso GALLI