EURADA is constantly trying to enlarge its network in order to reinforce it and promote its members and good practices. Recently there have been three new additions to our network, and we wanted to let our members know about them. In this article you will find an introduction to the three of them: Aderly (Lyon), Bulgaria Economic Forum and Regional Development Fund of Attica. Let us give them a warm welcome by spreading their profiles and work values.

Firstly, Aderly – Invest in Lyon (Agence pour le Développement Economique de la Région Lyonnaise) is the Promotion and Foreign Direct Investment agency of Lyon and its surrounding territory.

They work to seek international investment opportunities in key innovative sectors, such as Life Science, Green & Advanced Chemistry, Environment-related, Mobility, Robotics, Food, Digital contents including cyber and AI, and Advanced Manufacturing to stress Lyon’s strengths and assets.

Their main mission, next to the creation of value and employment, is advising, supporting and accompanying enterprises on their implantation projects in Lyon. This has been successful since every year they help over 100 enterprises in their establishment in the region.

They deploy resources with their added-value, expertise and network and have a citizen-centric, sustainable approach and inclusive economic development of smart city. With 45 years of experience in ecosystem building and their extensive work with international partners, they keep sharing and mutually benefiting from each other. Learning and growing by partnering is something they stand out.

Secondly, Bulgaria Economic Forum (BEF) is an NGO with one main objective: promoting the business environment of Bulgaria and Southeast Europe to attract potential foreign investors. They also facilitate the relation between government and business and assist the regional economic development with different initiatives.

They have a rich experience in the implementation of both EU and other donors financed projects, most of them with a large circle of international partners. BEF has successfully managed over 20 projects mainly in the field of entrepreneurship, environment and sustainable development.

They also encourage business networking among companies from Bulgaria and Southeast Europe, their network consisting of 42 key stakeholders. BEF is largely recognised for organising some of the most important events for the business stakeholders from that area, such as their local, national and international forums about economic issues. They also organise educational seminars and trainings on different topics as well as business delegations.

Their highly experienced team is constantly aiming at making new international partnerships for developing projects and initiatives of common interest.

Thirdly, the Regional Development Fund of Attica a Private Legal Entity managed by the Board of Directors and the Regional Governor. The establishment of this agency had as an objective the acceleration on the payment procedures on EU co-financed projects.

Its development-oriented nature resulted in the Public Invested Programme making possible the payment processes, thus this became an active financial tool at local and regional level and stirred the economic development of the regions.

They contribute to regional development and technical assistance mainly by these working areas: the field of study, research and programme implementation. They implement their development combining the benefits from the public and private sectors.

Amongst their activities we find the following ones: support of the developmental planning of larger spatial development departments; technical support to the region, specially in the field of studies and research and programme implementations; fees and contribution management; participation in EU programmes; domestic and foreign financing institutions conclusion of loans; provision of services on economic development; study organisation and implementation of programmes.

More information:

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