Our members from IDEPA, the RDA from Asturias, are launching the third edition of their 2017 EURADA Award-winning initiative OPEN INNOVATION 4.0. It is a public-private collaboration between IDEPA, CEEI Asturias and six tractor companies established in Asturias (Cafento, GAM, Mefasa, Satec, Suaval and Vodafone). The initiative enhances the Open Innovation paradigm by designing an innovative methodology in an area that deserves the most interest, as it is the Industry 4.0 and digitalisation. It allows the acceleration and traction to the market of innovative young companies through an Open innovation process in which they will interact with other more consolidated companies to cope with in a series of technological challenges on Industry 4.0, tackling the challenges of digitalisation. This program adapts to the needs of regional development in which RDAs put the focus.

The deadline to apply is April 23rd at 12.00 (CET). If interested, you should access the APPLICATION FORM and send your request to a maximum of three challenges, including a project report available to download in the previous link. The program is open to participants from any national and international geographic area. There are two types of participation: on an individual basis, in which the applicant is a single participant, either a company or a natural person (entrepreneur, researcher) or a consortium in which one of the members will act on behalf of the others and must therefore manage the sending of the application. Companies participating in the consortium will also be subject to the eligibility requirements described above.

Research groups, entrepreneurs, start-ups and young innovative and/or technology-based companies established after 01/01/2010 can apply proposing their solutions in the form of products, services or projects in some of the challenges identified by the tractors or in the “open challenge” mode, where they are free to propose 4.0 solutions that they think might be interesting and attract the attention of the leading companies. If selected, the OPEN INNOVATION 4.0 offers access to the incubation and acceleration program managed by CEEI Asturias and with the support of the Government of the Principality through IDEPA for the design and definition of the solution. It will be articulated in working sessions whose schedule will be made known at the beginning of the programme and a financial contribution of 2,000 euros from the tractor company.

Also, please note that next Tuesday 2nd of April IDEPA will hold a “Challenges Event” to share more information about the initiative in Gijón. If you can’t attend, this session will be broadcast live through the different media channels both IDEPA and CEEI Asturias will put at disposal of any interested applicants to follow the briefing online: YOUTUBE IDEPA Channel, social networks (Facebook), Websites, etc. This content will be uploaded on the OPEN INNOVATION 4.0 website once the session is over.