Eurada News nº397 - February 2020

Peer Learning of Innovation Agencies

Last January 30th, EURADA held its first event of the year, the Brokerage Event for Innovation Agencies. Its main purpose was help participants find potential partners for their project ideas, all very promising. The topic the event touched the most was Peer Learning of Innovation Agencies (INNOSUP-05), an upcoming call under the Horizon 2020 umbrella.

The call Peer Learning of Innovation Agencies seeks to foster the exchange of good practices while using peer learning to investigate and support SME innovation to put those newly developed skills into practice. The call not only intends to be a best practice sharing activity, but also to find the way of working in an innovative way for common needs. Common collaboration is needed to investigate and develop new topics and approaches.

There are two deadlines for the call during 2020: March 17th and October 14th, with the aim of giving an opportunity of improving to those call proposals rejected during the first application period. Being the acceptance range up to 75%, these funds are easily accessible for the concerned agencies. Although the sum is not exceptionally high (€50.000 to split), the exchange of experiences amongst colleagues to find solutions for upcoming challenges and its accessibility make this call a very attractive one. Therefore EURADA strongly recommends you to apply.

The topics for the call are not yet stated, since it is up to the consortium, although it is always related to the design and delivery of innovation support programmes for SMEs. They should be challenge-driven, based on the agency’s intention to revise its programme formats or to introduce a new scheme, and lead to the development of common understanding of a given support service. This gives agencies the opportunity to join their efforts in a topic of equal importance for each of them, finding equal motivation and eagerness to find innovative solutions for the specific topic stated upon consortium.

EURADA is pleased to offer its services for the sake of the success of its members under this project. Considering this call a very enriching one given its results for innovation agencies, EURADA highly encourages you to take part in it. In case of interest, please note that EURADA will be glad to help you find partners for your project idea. Moreover, the EURADA secretariat is at your disposal to proofread your project proposal, having experience and a good understanding of the EC literature, thus with the capability of improving the overall document.

More information:

  • Here you can find all the information about the Brokerage Event for Innovation Agencies 2020, and following this links the presentations and the participant list to find potential common interests.

    Following this link, you can find all the Design Option Papers of pasts implemented projects under INNOSUP-05, and here you can find the call itself.

    Please do not hesitate to contact Roser TORRES for any of the services stated in this article or for any doubt.

Written by Roser Torres, Project Officer at EURADA.