1st April 2016 to 31st March 2021   

The project is improving the application of the Smart Specialisation Strategies making operative the concept of Entrepreneurial Discovery Process (EDP). Dominique Foray, from the University of Lausanne, and the RIS3 platform are involved in the project.

The EDP is a process of continual interaction between businesses, knowledge institutes and, preferably, users. It aids the development of new ideas and discoveries (“entrepreneurial discoveries”), which, if focused and supported in mutual cohesion, can grow to become a coherent palette of innovations, eventually becoming new economic strengths.

The Beyond EDP project aims to strengthen the Entrepreneurial Discovery Process in Europe, boosting the Regional Innovation Smart Specialisation Strategy (RIS3, in short) adopted by Europe in 2014. Knowledge institutes and businesses need each other for innovation and to turn it into salable products and practical applications. SMEs can fulfill an important role here. Among SMEs are leaders, developers, early adopters, and followers. Most companies can be classified as followers, meaning that innovation is far from a priority for many entrepreneurs.

How do we stimulate innovation among these SMEs? Many European regions are faced with this problem; the Beyond EDP project was launched in 2014 for that reason. The participants share their knowledge and experience in various ways, including peer to peer reviews, joining forces to discover the success factors for stimulating innovation. They also want to know what they, as public authorities and management organisations, can do to facilitate that for companies and knowledge institutes, using tools such as financial stimulation. The aim is to create interesting crossovers on the intersections between sectors.

Coordinator: Centre-Val de Loire Regional Innovation Agency (FR)

More information: http://www.interregeurope.eu/beyondedp/