Megatrends in the agri-food sector: global overview and possible policy response from EU perspective

The global agri-food sector has been undergoing in the past years some important changes, particularly in terms of demographical change and income, change in food demand and supply, as well as in consumption patterns and agricultural production techniques. In order to successfully cope with these changing conditions, it is important to understand the megatrends (global and macroeconomic forces that influence economy, society, businesses and define the future of a country, region or the world) that stand behind the major changes in the agri-food landscape, the challenges that they will potentially bring to the sector and to adapt the policy actions in a timely manner.

A political debate is currently tackled at the international level in order to stimulate the development of agri-food businesses and the agricultural value chain. In this context, the European Parliament (EP) has selected Valdani Vicari & Association, the European Business Network (EBN), Arcadia International E.E.I.G and the European Association of Development Agencies (EURADA) to carry out a study on Megatrends in the agri-food sector: global overview and possible policy response from the EU perspective. The overall objectives of the study are to provide an overview of the major trends affecting the food chain, to present the main future challenges of European agricultural systems, as well as to outline possible scenarios and pathways in order to define agricultural policy priorities at European level.

The study will be carried out from July 2019 to the end of September 2019 and include, among other things, contacts with a wide range of organisations and stakeholders across the EU. This will be one of the first studies read by the new EP and will play a decisive role in future EP activities in the field of agriculture and rural development.

EURADA is responsible for interviewing experts on the agri-food sector. We would be grateful if you could offer us all the necessary assistance for the execution of this project.